How small businesses can celebrate Pride month

June is Pride month, the month of celebration for Pride, the sexual freedom march. A colorful event for which small textile entrepreneurs can sell many products. Follow the guide with Wordans.


What is Pride and how can I enjoy it?

Every year in June, thousands of people dress in rainbow colors to demand sexual freedom and respect for the LGTBI+ community. The Pride march is a parade in which participants dance on colorful floats to demand equal rights for people of all sexual orientations. Originally, the event was called Gay Pride, to support members of the homosexual community and fight against their exclusion. Today, the rally defends all sexual differences.  


Affirm your company’s ethics and values

Pride march is an opportunity to affirm your company’s values to consumers. You can show your support for the LGTBI community, or simply your support for respect and equality for all people, by displaying a rainbow flag on your web page or in your physical store. Even if the LGTBI+ community is not essentially your target audience, this will demonstrate to the public your ethical and social commitment, the solidarity shown by your organization and the people who work there, and, ultimately, will convey a better image of your brand. 

Create custom Pride month t-shirts

Pride is a colorful, colorful event! Participants choose extravagant outfits in the colors of the famous LGTBI+ flag that brings together all the colors of the rainbow. An opportunity not to be missed for the textile entrepreneurs who will be able to offer personalized T-shirts in bright colors. For example, we have selected this short-sleeved T-shirt from Fruit of the Loom: this item is available in many bright and acidic colors, perfect for the Pride parade, and can easily accommodate a phrase or a message of solidarity. Made from a cotton/polyester blend, it’s great to wear to enjoy the festive day. 



Offer colorful accessories

As you can see, the Pride Month parade and celebration is a colorful event that promotes respect. As we explained earlier, this is an opportunity for sales of solid color customizable t-shirts. But you can expand your Pride special by offering matching accessories. We recommend offering easy-to-wear, customizable items that will accompany users during Pride events. Customizable accessories are a great idea to offer a true full range of Pride month items. We recommend that you highlight practical accessories that will be useful to participants during the festivities, such as this cap for protection from the sun, both of which come in several bright colors for the event. 


Pride, the opportunity to highlight unisex items

Finally, our last tip for making the most of Pride Month’s benefits for your business involves unisex items. The Pride festivities will be an opportunity to showcase your unisex textile items like never before. In fact, many parade attendees appreciate non-binary clothing, which can work for both genders. Take advantage of this opportunity to personalize unisex clothing, in Pride colors, with phrases claiming respect and equality of sexualities. Among the many possible references, we have selected for example this colorful unisex sweatshirt, without brand label, perfect to host a LGTBI flag or a special logo for Pride month.





We hope that you enjoyed our article and found helpful information. We invite you to visit our website to access our complete catalog, and don’t forget to check our instagram page @wordans_canada for daily inspiration.



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