Bella+Canvas Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Bella+Canvas Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Wordans Bella+Canvas Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail options will keep you in our stores for longer than you had originally envisaged. We have wholesale, cheap, and bulk Bella+Canvas sweats and fleece outfits for men, women, and children.
Our bella canvas t-shirt wholesale outfits are also suitable for multiple settings. We have Bella-Canvas sweats and fleece items that you could choose to wear during your trips to the gym, while there are some Bella-Canvas sweats and fleece items that you can actually wear while working out.
We also have sweats and fleece items that could be worn to the office, or while in the office.
And then there are sweats and fleece items that can be worn to a social gathering with family and friends. In some instances, we even have sweats and fleece items that you will feel comfortable wearing to a date or an informal event, like a dinner.

Capture His Imagination With Our Cheap Fleece Tops

Our ladies' fleece tops have the power to help charm the socks of any man (or boy) during a first date. This fleece top has an off-the-shoulder look that will keep your potential beau interested enough, without overwhelming him.
While it is important to look good in items that you bought at Wordans, it is also important that you feel good, which is exactly what our sponge fleece tops are designed to do.
Our fleece sizes range from S to 2XL, which means that there are multiple options available to ensure that it fits well. A fleece top like this should never feel too loose or too tight, and with our Wordans size charts, we are certain that you will get this judgment just right. The fit for these is enhanced by a 1X1 rib neckline, along with wide-ribbed cuffs and waistband.
You will also be blown away by the quality of our fleece tops because of the rayon blend used to make them. If you don’t really like rayon, you can also explore our cotton sweat wholesale options, which are equally compelling and absorbent.
You can also capture a man’s attention with our women’s wholesale and retail T-shirt offerings if you feel fleece is a little too much on a warm evening.

Capture Her Imagination With Our Wholesale Crew Neck Tops

Men shopping for crew neck tops at Wordans will absolutely smolder, regardless of the setting. We have you covered for numerous settings because we have fleece tops that are available in at least 11 colors, including some compelling shades of gray and red. These are strong colors to win over a woman that you fancy.
Our fleece tops are also great for men with slim bodies, plump bodies, and chaps who clearly spend most of their lives in a gym. That is partly because of the fabric we use in our designs, but also because we have an expansive size chart available for men, ranging everywhere from XS to 2XL.
Where our women’s fleece tops are made from a predominantly rayon blend, the men’s offerings are actually made predominantly from a polyester blend, which means you have a light top, that is also absorbent, and stylish. We also have a blend that is predominantly ringspun cotton, if rayon isn’t exactly your thing.

You Can Share Your Wordans Sweatshirt with a loved one

Wordans Cheap sweatshirts available in bulk are also great for couples that are beyond the courtship phase of their relationship. One of the beauties of living with somebody you love is being able to share some clothes with them, without it ever looking unusual or suspect.
Our impressive range of unisex sweatshirts and fleece tops will have you covered here too. We have unisex sponge fleece tops, we have unisex hoodies, and we have unisex pullovers.
When you shop at Wordans, you will have the power to choose if you want a sweat or fleece to fit tightly or loosely, which is often dependent on the occasion that you need that top.