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Bella+Canvas T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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Bella+Canvas T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Bella Canvas T-shirts: Sustainable and Fashionable Wear

Bella Canvas is a fairly new company with great aspirations. With their “Be Different” motto, Bella Canvas specializes in sweatshop free apparel. All products are made in an eco-friendly facility with premium quality fabrics. Their shirts are designed to be fashionable, sustainable, and print ready. Each piece is sustainable and fashionably cut, so you can show off your style and be eco-friendly at the same time! Their models are also all uni colored and blank, so you can print the designs of your choice, whether you’re a business or simply a client in search of stylish minimalist pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Comfort and Style

Bella Canvas t-shirts are all cut in the latest fashion styles. From basic t-shirts, to flowy racer back tank tops, to long sleeved baseball styled t-shirts, off the shoulder, zip-ups and much, much more, Bella Canvas has all kinds of t-shirts you could dream of! All Bella Canvas t-shirts are cruelty-free as they do not rely on sweatshop labor and are conceived in eco-friendly facilities. Their clothing is engineered using their signature Airlume Comb and Ring-Spun technique in order to provide the smoothest and best feeling textiles out there.

Wholesale Clothing for Everyone

Bella Canvas t-shirts are also available at wholesale quantities and prices for business! Everyone can purchase wonderful cotton attire for your entire family, company, events or retail business. “Buy More, Save More”: just as our motto goes, our policy ensures you benefit from the best price available on the best retail products on the market!

At Wordans, you can purchase Bella + Canvas t-shirts, sweaters, sweatpants, underwear, hoodies and more for both men and women! The brand comes in a large variety of colors and sizes as well, so that everyone can find their perfect piece.

All Bella + Canvas t-shirts are blank, free of any print or pattern, to enable anyone to print the design they wish to customize their t-shirts with. Not only can you print the designs of your choice, but you can also choose to embroider them! So if you’re looking for blank wholesale t-shirts for your company’s upcoming team building event, why not embroider your employees’ names on their shirts in addition to printing your company logo on the t-shirts? This would definitely add a lovely personal touch to them!

Quality Materials for Quality t-shirts

Bella Canvas t-shirts are all made with the best choice of blended cotton, polyester, and rayon. The brand makes sure all their fabrics are of the best quality in order to guarantee their t-shirts long term durability as well as comfort for their users. Not only are their fabrics durable, but they are also eco-conscious!

Health is also one of the many values Bella + Canvas takes to heart. This in turn lead the brand to making the decision that all their fabrics would be carefully crafted and died in order to provide their users with clothing that would not harm them, or the environment for that matter, in any way.

Bella Canvas T-shirts: Quality T-shirts for Every Use

Bella Canvas t-shirts can be worn for so much more than stylish everyday wear outfits.

Are you a regular jogger? Do you regularly exercise? Then you would surely love the brand’s light t-shirts! These are made of a poly cotton blend fabric, the perfect blend to guarantee breathability and comfort during your training sessions.

Not much of an outdoor person? Then you’ll definitely love wearing Bella + Canvas t-shirts as home wear for those cozy stay-at-home self-care days. Their soft ring spun cotton textiles would also make their t-shirts the ideal pajama wear!

Bella Canvas t-shirts can be worn for any activity or any occasion! Whichever the choice may be, we do know for sure you’ll be comfortable in any situation if you wear Bella Canvas t-shirts. Don’t believe us? Try one out and thank us later!