3 wardrobe essentials for your Fall 2021 merchandise

It’s that time of year when we switch from summer to winter. Then, finally, it’s fall, so the question is whether your store is prepared to blow warm and cold this season because that’s what fall is all about: some days can be warm while others can be cold. Then, of course, there is joy in entering a store and discovering an appropriate collectable for the season that fits perfectly.

It is well-known that there is always a trend for each season, and every clothing store is obligated to follow the trend at all times; this is how the clothing business thrives. Therefore, the splendour of the season’s best pieces should catch your shopper’s eye as they enter your store. Sweaters, sweat vests, puffer jackets, high waist leggings, turtle neck tops, and leather jackets are among the season’s must-haves that can be styled in various ways.

If customer satisfaction isn’t reason enough to consider 3 wardrobe essentials for your Fall 2021 merchandise/collection, profit should be. As the year comes to a close, your business should not only survive but thrive. This is without a doubt a definitive guide to satisfactoriness; it’s possible to make a profit without defrauding your customers.

Consider these 3 wardrobe essentials for your Fall 2021 merchandise/collection as Wordans’ business hints  :

Puffer Jacket for Women

A puffer jacket upgrade that gives your shopper an effortlessly classy look is a must-have this fall for every lady, as it will accommodate restaurant visits, office days, and hangouts with friends. Wordans’ Marmot – Ladies Aruna Insulated Puffer Jacket is the best buy, made of a 100 percent polyester ripstop fabric that provides desired warmth and comfort. A piece for $214.65 becomes a possibility, with free shipping on orders over $129! It comes in a unique black colour and different sizes. So don’t postpone it any longer.




Ladies V-neck sweater

A V-neck sweater will do the trick if you want to take your customers from the office to an evening outing. Wordans’ Devon & Jones – Ladies V-Neck Sweater speaks volumes about potential combinations. It can be worn with trousers, jeans, or a statement skirt for a more glamorous look. It’s made of 100 percent air-spun cotton and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. You can get one piece for $42.93. Check them out!





Men sweater vest

A comfortable-to-wear sweater vest should come in handy on days when the weather appears to be indecisive. Check out wordans’ Harriton – Men’s Pilbloc V-Neck Sweater Vest, a super affordable fashion sweater that sells for $23.61 per piece. It’s made of 100% acrylic jersey knit with Pilbloc and is available in various colours and sizes. This is meant for you.




It’s time to capitalize on the trend by purchasing the 3 wardrobe essentials for your Fall 2021 merchandise/collection. Free shipping is available on orders over $129! Furthermore, the wholesales deal is fantastic. For more information, please visit www.wordans.ca, or follow us on Instagram @wearewordans.



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