Christmas at the office

The countdown to Christmas has already begun. Two weeks left to start the holiday season and probably you have your office already perfectly decorated. If you’re late with some of the company activities or traditions, don’t worry, we got you covered with some advice and recommendations you can use last minute thanks to our fast shipping. Keep reading!

Xmas ugly sweatshirt 

Holiday season is one of the perfect times of the year to reinforce the connection between your employees. That’s why we recommend you to propose some team building activities dividing the participants into mixed teams. That will help your employees to interact with each other, even being from different departments. It is a statement: team work makes the dream work. When you get to know your colleagues at work, you create empathy and understanding of what they do during their daily professional routines, it strengthens the sense of respect.

That’s why for this Christmas season we recommend you a really nice activity:  Create your own Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt. It’s a funny tradition that you can take to your office and turn it into a team building session. We suggest getting a bunch of red and/or dark green crewnecks from Gildan. Then purchase some clothing paint or patches that you can easily attach to it and divide the teams. You can give them a topic per group and they have to use their creativity to create their Xmas sweatshirt, or crewneck in this case!


For these holidays you might want to prepare some gifting for your employees too. Instead of the typical Christmas basket, you can try something else. We propose this cute gym bag that you can personalize with your company logo, as well as some Christmas printing. You can literally fill it with whatever you want, it can be some company products, maybe some beverages and food, etc. And then your employees can reuse it to go to the gym or for an adventure!

Safe during Christmas

The current pandemic it’s gonna make these holidays especially difficult for many, some countries have restrictions, others won’t allow travel… In any case, most people are gonna continue working even during the holidays, and we all are probably gonna be in touch with more people than we normally are. That’s why to prevent further damage, it’s going to be very important to follow all covid prevention protocol thoroughly.

Get your employees a personalized mask with your company logo for Christmas so they can use it while working or moving around, like this one from Fruit of The Loom; or provide them with the disposable ones in order to have a safe and Merry Christmas! ?


Last but not least, we can’t forget that this is a time to celebrate and have fun. Most companies have many activities such as Secret Santa or a Christmas dinner. This year, the second one’s going to be more difficult to have due to the current situation. That’s why you can consider having a small celebration, maybe by small groups of people and getting some champagne or wine to feel the Christmas spirit come to you! ? as well as some snacks for your employees. For this event, we recommend you buy these bags, because…we know you’ll need more than one!

Here you have some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas at the office in a safe context, without spending a lot of money. Go to and check our wide variety of clothing and accessories we can offer for your company! You can also go to @wearewordans on Instagram for more inspiration and exclusive deals and promotions such as our Advent Calendar, go check it out!

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