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With the eyes of the world on the US presidential elections, we sometimes forget about what is going on in our own backyard. In case you haven’t heard, Canada is on it’s way to the voting booths on october 14th, 2008. Though the two friendly neighbours have their differences, the same type of politics seem to be playing on the North side of the border.

On the one side, Stephen Harper and his conservatives are using George Bush’s old campaign tactics, dumbing down the debate to secondary issues, avoiding hard presing questions, and finding any excuse to wear a flannel sweater and be “one with the people”.

Harper has brought US style media control to Canada. For instance, he does not want to hold news conferences unless his staff can control who can ask the questions from a list they compile.

On the other hand, the liberal Party of Canada is riding on the global wave of change. They propose a green shift, ready to launch Canada into a new age of green economics and renewable energy. They implement straight talk politics, giving complicated by real messages for their campaign.

The NDP and Green party have been advocating this for ages, but their policies differ ion other fields

So next time you watch an Obama Mc Cain debate, or compare republican polittics with Democrat promises, think of what’s happening in your backyard. We are neighbours, we share the same trends, wether economic, social or political. Let us all make the right decision, wether American or Canadian, and vote not only from the heart, but also from the issues we all face.

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