Discover our customizable clothing in 48h

It’s a strong will on our end: to offer you extremely shirt deadlines for your emergencies.

In a maximum of 48h, you can, after having designed your t-shirt, receive it or have it shipped to a desired address. With a lifestyle that’s at 100 km/h, we have to adapt ourselves and accelerate the production and shipments for last minute situations: a forgotten birthday or attending a last minute convention.

Customizable clothing
Customizable clothing

Clothing that suits your image

Using an intuitive online application, you can easily create, helped with a large database of varied images or uploading your own designs, a unique t-shirt, sweatshirt, a bag or an apron for example, Wordans offers much more than that. Wordans offers you dozens of different renowned apparel and accessories brands that can dress up the entire family, adapted to each members’ style. A customization that does not only call for creativity but also to everyone’s tastes. You are far from over from being happy.


Extremely quick turnarounds

At Wordans we go out of our way so that you can benefit from your clothing as soon as possible. In order to achieve that, we have many printing facilities located in many continents as well as many warehouses in different countries (Canada, France, Spain, New Zealand, USA…). In fact, our responsive shipping service takes care of your orders and prepares them for a fast shipment. Our partnerships with serious courier companies in each respective countries gives us the opportunity to propose the 48h shipping service or less, either directly to your house or your business.

Don’t waste any more time, create your own apparel, choose your shipping option and Wordans takes care of the rest.

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