6 effective methods to promote a product

In a very competitive market, it’s important to have the right methods to promote your products and differentiate yourself from your competitors. At Wordans, we have the best blank apparel products at the best prices. Here are the right marketing strategies to apply to them, for guaranteed success: 


Offer attractive discounts

As you know, price is a key factor in consumers’ buying decisions. Customers are now used to quickly comparing prices on the market and are always looking for the most interesting offers. Acting on the price is therefore an effective way to capture the attention of your target: by offering a price reduction at the product launch, you can easily increase your sales. Customers will generally be more attracted by a product on promotion. It is estimated that 65% of shoppers compare offers for 16 minutes before making a purchase decision, so you need to stand out from the competition with a compelling offer. There are several price reduction strategies that can be effective for a product launch. For example, you can choose to offer a bulk purchase discount to encourage customers to order more units: customers will get a discount for quantities purchased or for batch purchases. At Wordans, for example, we offer sliding scale unit pricing based on the volume of items purchased. Another strategy is to offer a 2×1, one item free for one item purchased. In this case, we recommend that you emphasize the exceptional and temporary nature of the offer, so as not to devalue the product. Finally, rather than acting directly on the price, you can offer the delivery costs for the purchase of this particular product. In any case, the price reduction can be a real buying lever for the consumer, if it highlights the product in an exceptional way and has a notion of urgency.    


Promote it on social networks

In the age of the internet and 2.0 consumers, social networks have become an indispensable tool to promote your brand, make your products known, and push them to potential customers. To properly market a product, it is strongly recommended to develop a marketing strategy via social networks. You can promote a product by making appropriate posts to highlight it and praise its merits and provide valuable information to your customers. You can also use targeted advertising tools to make these posts appear to users corresponding to your target. Finally, you can also consider collaborating with influencers on social networks, so that they talk about your products to their community. 


Run targeted Email marketing campaigns

Direct marketing campaigns are an excellent lever to develop sales and highlight a particular product! But your strategy has to be effective: to launch an e-mailing campaign that really has an impact on your sales, it is better to prepare it well. We recommend that you write a catchy text, not too long, and that can capture the attention of your customers from the very first lines. The text should of course praise the main advantages of the product in question. You will also need to create a pleasant visual on which an action button will appear to facilitate access to the purchase page. It may be a good idea to combine this action button with a special discount and a countdown timer for the offer, in order to create a sense of urgency. To discover more about developing a successful email marketing strategy, check our previous blog article.


Write a Blog Post

When you want to promote a product, you want to communicate the benefits of the product to the customer in a concise, simple and quick way. Conversely, writing a blog post can allow you to detail all the features and benefits of the product. Business blogs are essential supplements to information for savvy consumers. By writing an article about a specific product, you can not only highlight all the benefits of that item but also advise potential customers on how to use the product. These types of posts are a good way to build customer loyalty, offering them more developed information about the products sold. 


Use customer reviews 

Today, consumers do a lot of research on the internet before buying a product. They compare prices, product features, and rely heavily on the opinions of other consumers. Use these opinions left by users on the Internet, they are a real gold mine! Indeed, the opinion of a customer who has bought and used the product is one of the best ways to know if buying the product is a good idea. For example, you can create an email or a post on social networks with positive opinions written by customers who bought the product you want to promote. Success guaranteed!


Organize an event

If your budget allows it, we recommend that you organize an event to launch and promote your product. Choose a suitable and friendly venue, without overdoing it. The idea is for potential customers to have a good time and remember the moment by associating it with the product you want to launch. A well-organized event will not only get potential customers excited about your new product or service but will also create a link with the brand and its ideology. 



These six examples are ideas you can use to launch a product; we hope they will help you in marketing your items. Moreover, discover all our references negotiated at the best prices! Visit our website https://www.wordans.ca to discover our thousands of customizable plain items, and check out all our special offers on our Instagram page @wordans_canada.

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