Selling products for a good cause

Selling products customized with your logo or brand details for charity is a great way to raise awareness about your business and increase your customers’ trust. Are you curious to know how?  In this blog article, Wordans guides you through this process.

Positive buzz

As a textile entrepreneur, your main goal is to grow, increase your sales and build customer loyalty. However, you can choose to involve your brand in supporting a charity or a non-profit organization. Taking part in supporting a good cause affirms the personality of your company, as well as its ethics. Actions that will ultimately generate interest in your brand from potential customers. In an increasingly competitive context, where consumers are looking to consume more and more responsibly and where the mala praxis is being pointed out, these operations allow you to stand out and gain popularity with the public. 

These types of actions, even if they seem to decrease your direct revenues, are an excellent way to create a positive buzz around your brand and to attract even more buyers, convinced by your ethics and by the charitable actions you participate in.

Launch your heart operation

Whatever your business, you can support and claim all sorts of good causes. For example, you can choose to get involved in environmental protection, to demonstrate your ecological commitment. You can also support the main national associations that help the most underprivileged or choose to focus on medical research and the fight against the most serious diseases. In all cases, your support should be materialized by making donations to these associations.

One way to do this is to have a special sale where the profits will be donated to a charity; you can also launch a temporary product line for which a percentage of the sale price will be directly donated to a charity, or you can choose to create a very special item that will be used to support the good cause of your choice. 

On the other hand, blank apparel can be customized for charity projects: if you are organizing a special day within your company to raise funds for a good cause, for example, you will need t-shirts with the slogan or logo of the operation and the date of the charity day carried out by your organization.


The right clothes

The t-shirt is the essential customizable textile product to dress your employees during the organization of a special charity day. On our website you will find many models of customizable plain T-shirts at the best price, such as this 100% cotton model from Gildan , available in more than thirty different colors. 

If your company is participating in a day of sports activities to raise money for a good cause, you can personalize sports shirts like this lightweight, ultra-breathable model from Team 365, or matching sports socks like these Champion shorts , which are very comfortable to wear. The hoodie is also essential that will be worn over the t-shirts when the temperatures cool down. But you can also choose the hoodie, a garment that suits all styles and all ages, as a flagship product for a charity event, by donating a portion of the sale price of the sweatshirt to a good cause. Check out our many hoodie designs, like this hoodie with a modern cut from Radsow Apparel, available in about 30 different colors. 


The best accessories for those actions

Accessories can also be great merchandising products to use in a charity event. At Wordans, we have a wide range of customizable accessories negotiated at the best prices with our suppliers. For example, you can choose a tote bag on which you can transfer a large logo, and in which you can insert a leaflet with information to support the charity of your choice. Our selection is this colorful backpack from Champion, which can hold many items. 




Want to stand out from your competitors? Affirm your brand’s personality through charitable actions, by organizing sales to benefit associations with personalized products. Visit and our Instagram page @wordans_canada to discover all our products and discounts. 


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