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White Men Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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The cold season is fast approaching, and men will be looking for attire to keep them warm. If you are an apparel seller, consider adding some sweats and fleece for your male customers. Wordans is your partner when it comes to cheap wholesale sweats, which it ships to resellers around the globe. One of the collections on the site is the white mens fleece and sweats. Please explore some of the available options to help order the right ones for your market.

Why White?

White is a versatile colour that works great with several casual and official outfits, and your customers will be willing to add it to their wardrobes. It is also one of the colours that does well with customisation, as prints or dyes are easily noticed when used on white. Some people also love the colour because it blends well with the snowy backgrounds during winter.

Wholesale Sweats and Fleece Come in Various Fabrics

There are several fabric options for men looking for quality sweats. The most common among them is cotton and its blends. Cotton is good for keeping one warm as it is often thick. It is also easy to maintain. However, there are several blends of the material to help add other characteristics. You can choose from 50% cotton and 50% polyester,  > 80% cotton, 100% cotton, poly-cotton-rayon, polyester and acrylic for your male customers.

Polyester is a lighter material, which enables the wearers to wear the sweats in warmer weather, or layer when they think it may get warm during the day. There are also triblends of various fabrics, such as polyester, rayon and cotton, each adding a few features to make the sweats versatile. All these materials are easy to care for and can be machine washed. The manufacturer has included an illustrated label on the inside that shows how to maintain the fabrics.

When customers do not know what material is good for them, they can go by the weight. Sweats and fleece under 270 grams per square centimeter are good for warmer weather as they are lighter. A heavier fabric of over 270 g/cm2 is a great choice for particularly cold weather. High-performance options and moisture wicking are two other options from which your clients can choose. The high-performance options are good for the very active who are out most of the time, as the fabric is able to withstand foul weather and misuse. On the other hand, the moisture-wicking option absorbs sweat, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

Choose from Different Styles for Your Cheap Sweats and Fleeces

There are several styles available on the market for your customers to enjoy and wear with different outfits. The most popular ones are the zipped and hooded ones. The zipped options allow wearers to open them up when it gets hot without having to remove their sweats. On the other hand, hooded sweats are stylish fashion statements and can be worn when one expects the weather to get colder for those cold evenings. A few sweats also come with front pockets for your customers to keep their hands warm during the cold weather.

Buy Bulk Sweats from Leading Brands

Wordans stock quality mens sweats from leading brands. There is a quality assurance team in place to ensure that the sweats are well-knit, and of the size that you need. Some of the leading brands whose sweats you can purchase on the website include American Apparel, Bella+Canvas, Champion, Comfort Colours, Core 365, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Harriton, Jerzees, KS, Next Level, Radsow, Threadfast and Timberlea.

Buy quality white men's sweats, t-shirts, and other apparel from Wordans today. Visit the platform and choose the options that best describe your customers, and we shall ship them as soon as possible