White Kids Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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White Kids Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

High-Quality Sweats & Fleeces Made by Reputable Brands

There is hardly a better way to stand out in a crowd than wearing a white clothing item. In terms of fashion, no other color gives out simplicity, purity, and elegance as effortlessly as white. Its limited shades are versatile, timeless, and flexible, making it tremendously easy to pair with other colors, such as black or blue, to create a unique outfit. At Wordans, we have combined this flexible colour with the comforting feel of the sweatshirt to craft a fantastic kids' sweats and fleece collection. This selection of items includes various styles from renowned fashion houses, such as Gildan and Team 365.

Our partners have worked hard to ensure that each item delivers an ultra-soft and ultra-cozy feeling, so you can be sure that any kid that slips on one of these sweatshirts will feel warm and comfortable at all times. If you have been searching for high-quality sweatshirts that will make children feel classy while also allowing them to stand out and make a bold fashion statement, we suggest looking no further than this Wordans collection.

Our Wholesale White Sweats and Fleeces Are Not Just for Style

While white sweatshirts will always remain renowned for their unique ability to create eye-catching looks, this collection at Wordans offers much more than that. In addition to style, our white sweatshirts for kids also deliver a cozy hug for those crisp autumn evenings and stark winter nights by offering a snug embrace of comfort and warmth. These sweats and fleeces wrap children in a soft white cloud while they stroll through those wet autumn evenings or attempt to build snowmen on a cold winter morning. To ensure additional comfort, our team also ensures that each item in this collection is made of breathable and heat-resistant fabrics, such as 100% polyester and 50% cotton - 50% polyester.

These sweats are also available in various weight options, with several items in this collection running as heavy as 9oz. So, children will always be able to dress for comfort, depending on how cool it feels outside. So, why wait? Update your child's wardrobe or sweatshirt range by making a bulk order of any of our white sweatshirts for kids. The items in this collection are available in various sizes, with many clothing items starting as small as XS and running up to XL. This range is also brimming with various fleece styles, such as the prime hooded sweatshirt and the standard crewneck. These different sizes and designs mean that most children will easily find expression through fashion with this collection.

Express Individuality With Our Cheap Customization Feature

It will always be challenging to imagine a world without plain white sweatshirts in fashion. However, we also understand that they do not always do the trick, especially when put them in a child's wardrobe. In most cases, young children want a dash of color on their clothes or a picture of their favorite superhero or doll plastered on the front for all their friends to see. This need for young children to express their individuality and creativity is one of the core reasons why we offer our customization feature for select sweatshirts in this selection. With this tool, parents can mix the best of both worlds by combining the beauty of white sweatshirts with a child's preferred graphic to create unique and special items that children will be itching to grab out of their wardrobes.

Fashion houses or stores are also welcome to take advantage of this tool when making wholesale orders at Wordans. Now, you no longer have to fret about heading to printing shops to add eye-catching designs to your items before hanging them on your clothing racks. Instead, you can add whatever graphic, logo, or image you think will catch your target audience's eye before you receive your order, allowing you to display your items straight out of the box.