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100% polyester T-Shirts wholesale and retail

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100% polyester T-Shirts wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Wholesale 100% Polyester T-Shirts Tick Off All The Boxes

The primary goal of a 100 percent polyester T-shirt from Wordans will be to purchase something wholesale, cheap, and in bulk that will also deliver on performance. Anything less than that for 100% polyester T-Shirts, wholesale and retail would be a massive disappointment.
However, that is never going to happen when you shop at Wordans for polyester T-shirts, because our products tick off all the important boxes. Even our cheap cotton t-shirt offerings will tick off all the boxes most of the time. These standards also apply to our 100 percent cotton T-shirts.
There are numerous things that people look for when purchasing a polyester T-shirt, and the chief among them is UV protection when taking part in outdoor activities. You will find that in most of our T-shirts.

Our 100% Polyester T-Shirts Are Very Lightweight

At Wordans you can shop for our performance T-shirts, core T-shirts, muscle T-shirts, racerback tops, and men’s tank tops. All of them, if they are made from Wordans 100% polyester, should weigh next to nothing, because all of them are items that you are likely to use in an athletic environment.
Our black activewear racerback tops and men’s tank tops weigh in at just four ounces, for example. Some of our performance T-shirts weigh in at even less than that (3.8 ounces). Some of our tops will go even lower than that, with our sonic heather performance T-shirts weighing just three ounces. Our fusion performance T-shirts, which have a jersey component to them, only weigh about 4.5 ounces.
So, if you wish to perform to the best of your ability without ever feeling restricted, you want to shop for light T-shirts at Wordans.

Wordans Polyester T-Shirts Promote Ease Of Movement

The most popular light T-shirts at Wordans are the women’s racerback tops, the men’s muscle T-shirts, and the men’s tank tops. All three of them are sleeveless items, which make it considerably easier for you to stretch and extend yourself.
We also have colorful T-shirts that come in a raglan design at Wordans, which is famous for promoting ease of movement in sports like baseball and cricket, where pitching, bowling, fielding, and batting require a full extension of the arms to enhance performance at amateur and elite levels. Wordans raglan T-shirts allow for more space under the arm holes.

Keep Yourself Cool And Dry

Wordans T-shirts made from polyester are outstanding for two reasons. Firstly, a Wordans polyester T-shirt is designed to help move any moisture build-up from sweat to the outer surface of the top that you purchase from us.
Secondly, a Wordans polyester T-shirt is designed to dry a lot quicker than other tops primarily because of this moisture removal, because that sweat will invariably evaporate while you are taking part in some outdoor activity. The warmer the conditions you are in, the more effective this function will be.
The women will love our T-shirts because they can be bought with various necklines, all of which will make you feel a lot cooler and freer. Examples of necklines that will help you feel cooler are our v-necks, our zipper necks, and open necks.

Cheap 100% Polyester T-Shirts Fit Like A Glove

When shopping for Wordans 100 percent polyester T-shirts, you will find items that range everywhere from XS to 6XL, in what are some of the most expansive size charts that you will find anywhere in our online store.
All of our 100 percent polyester T-shirts are designed with an athletic fit too, ensuring that there is total comfort at all times, as the shirts actually grip your body.