What to purchase on Black Friday

Black Friday has become so popular in the last decades all over the world. As many of the events we celebrate worldwide, it is one of those American exported traditions that connect the idea of festivity with commerce. Black Friday is the day that follows Thanksgiving in the US. And it’s the day that announces the start of the Christmas shopping season. After that concept was created, many others started to join, such as Cyber Monday for online shopping or Cyber Weekend for others. All of them to extend the sales during these dates.

The name of “Black Friday” has its origins from the fact that, on this day, retailers started turning their numbers profitable, “from red to black”. Ironically, now, more than ever, and with a pandemic hitting the globe and affecting millions of companies. This event marks a very important moment and a good chance to overcome a little bit of this situation. And the original meaning and spirit of Black Friday returns in time to boost the sales and hopefully improve the end of this challenging year.

At Wordans we also want to join this movement, and that’s why we want to suggest our top sellers that hundreds of companies are already using to create their art or stamp their logo, as well as for many campaigns and associations of all kinds around the world.

Gildan Hoodie 18500 and Crewneck 18000

Can’t go wrong with this one. Our top seller by excellence. Many fashion brands are using our amazing hoodies and crewnecks to make their own creations. The wide variety of colors available is endless. If you want to keep it basic, you can choose black, white or gray. If it’s for a young brand, you can also take the pastels colors that are trending right now. Baby blue, pink, or mint are our favorites! We also have varsity signature colors to play with, but honestly, any color you can come up with ;). Now that it’s already winter, it’s a nice piece to have and use it to stay cozy and warm! Print anything on it to get the best result, and the quality of the product will do the rest.

T-Shirt Next Level 6210

Another classic that never fails. A basic t-shirt is something that everybody can use and feels necessary for the wardrobe. Can be used in many ways. We think it’s a nice item that projects powerful messages to the world. But it can be much more than that. It can help to keep memories. For example, imagine a bachelor party. Would be pretty cool if everybody could use the same t-shirt with “Team Bride” on it and keep it forever. Or if you have a band, your fans would very much appreciate it if they could keep a memory of that show, and at the same time support your art by purchasing a t-shirt with your logo and art on it. These are simple ideas but they make such a big difference!

Champion Tote Bag 4028NN

The most handy and versatile piece you can have. Whether it’s to go out with your friends and have a coffee, or to go do a small grocery shopping, or to carry your items for work… It has a multitude of options to choose from. It’s very easy to print anything there as well. And a good way to advertise your brand as people will use it very often. It is you who decide the design, or maybe even who can create it! Its incredible prices will surprise you as well, get them in bulk to save even more!

Now that you know our three top sellers, you can head to our website Wordans.ca to explore our best deals for this Black Friday, as well as many other surprises. Follow us on @wearewordans and stay tuned!

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