How to shop smartly during Black Friday

Compulsive shopping is something very common when it comes to sales period. It’s very difficult to control ourselves from succumbing to all the amazing deals we see everywhere… But you don’t have to!

Black Friday is a great opportunity to save some money if you purchase in a smart and strategic way. And for those who own a business, you have the chance to optimize your supplies, or maybe it can be the perfect time before Christmas to go and try this creative idea you had in mind for a while, or even to surprise your clients or your employees with some cute corporate gifting kit. According to RetailMeNot’s reports, clothing is the most popular category during Black Friday after electronics, so as we feel an important responsibility, we’re going to get you some tips you can use to make the best of this commercial event.


First of all, take into account that most of the retail based companies have their social channels active. Brands are always willing to give the best deals to their loyal customers, and their followers on their social media accounts. That means that a recommendable thing to do is following all your favorite brands to stay tuned about the offers they may announce for Black Friday and the following days. At Wordans we have Instagram @wearewordans, Facebook, Linkedin and TikTok active, you can follow us and we’ll keep you posted ?

Plan in Advance

Making a list is definitely something that can help to get more organized when it comes to your purchases. Think a little bit about what you really need, or some specific things you might have in mind. At Wordans, you can put everything on your shopping cart, that way you can track your favorite items, some of them might get a promotion for Black Friday. As mentioned, if you have some gifting idea, or you plan to do it but still don’t have an idea of what to do, we suggest you these totes bags, as they’re an article that always works in any area, no matter what your company’s about… and reality easy to personalize!


Early Purchase

Sometimes we all wait until the last minute to make our purchases. That can play against us due to the huge lines we can find, website crashes… Most of the brands have an early start on what they call the “Black Week”. So, if you want to get deals in advance, and (what’s important) get your items before they sell out, we highly recommend visiting your favorite brands before Black Friday, just because you’ll probably find really good promotions even the days before the famous event. At Wordans, our deals are already live! You can check them out at Don’t wait until the last minute and treat yourself or/and your company to the best offers!

We’ve shown you some tricks and we’ve also shared some advice with you so you can take advantage of this Black Friday and enjoy the promotions we have available for you. Don’t miss our social media channels and don’t forget to check our website out to find the best items you can imagine at the best prices!

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