Wordans’ Screen Printing – handmade, high-quality, up to 70% off!

Screen Printing is a more than 1000-year-old printing technique that uses a woven mesh, an ink-blocking stencil and a squeegee to transfer ink onto a printing surface, e.g. wood, metal, plastic… or a custom t-shirt! Wordans Canada specializes in screen printing and assures you to always get the best t-shirt quality!

With screen printing you can affix logos or images on textiles. Screen printing provides an intense color, good opacity and good resistance. For designs with more than one color, each color will be affixed one by one, after a drying period of the first layer. Each t-shirt is manually printed, thus greatly reducing the risk of misprints. To print logos and texts, screen printing is perfectly suitable. And it’s the perfect solution for large t-shirts orders!

Since Wordans Canada has all necessary infrastructures and machines to print large t-shirts orders, we always have the right printing solution for you – whether you’re looking for a single tee or to print a large quantity of t-shirts! If you’re interested in printing 50 t-shirts and up at affordable pricing, we offer you free coupons that will earn you big savings on your wholesale orders! If your design has a specific number of solid colors, you may be eligible for the following free coupons which can give you up to 70% in discounts:

If you order 50 to 150 t-shirts with the same logo in 1 to 3 solid colors you will be eligible for a 60% discount.

  • Minimum Order: 50 garments
  • Up to 60% off with free coupon: S1W
  • Free Shipping!

If you order 150 to 500 t-shirts with the same logo in 1 to 5 solid colors you will be eligible for a 65% discount.

  • Minimum Order: 150 garments
  • Up to 65% off with free coupon: S2W
  • Free Shipping!

If you order 500 and more t-shirts with the same logo in 1 to 8 solid colors you will be eligible for a 70% discount.

  • Minimum Order: 500 garments
  • Up to 70% off with free coupon: S3W
  • Free Shipping!
To redeem these special discounts on screen printing orders, simply enter the appropriate free coupon in the checkout!
Happy couponing with screen printing discounts!
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