4 looks for men depending on your vibe

Life is full of clichés, who doesn’t have that friend that’s the smart one? Or the one that has always been into sports and gym? Not to mention the one that gets all the girls! We thought it would be interesting to propose some looks based on these clichés, because there are some items that are one hundred per cent related to every person’s vibe. Like, a skater can’t be a skater without his skate, right? Or the hipster can’t be a hipster without his retro glasses. Please, follow us through this look suggestion voyage for men, and tell us which one do you feel more identified with!

The skater

If you can’t live without your skate and you basically take it everywhere, even to go to your neighbor’s, you’re probably under the effects of the skate fever. The skater subculture definitely has a representative style and a way of living.

One of the must-have pieces that a skater can’t miss is this classic Nylon jacket. It’s actually the item that will complete the look. Pair it with any basic t-shirt, straight loose jeans with distressed ends, high socks and a pair of sneakers such as Converse or SBs, and you got it!

As an accessory you can add a cap or a beanie. You just have to grab your skate and roll through the streets!


The hipster

If you can’t actually live without attending your summer Indie festivals, Two Door Cinema Club is your religion and you like driving while listening to Arcade Fire, you’re probably a hipster. Some time ago, this style appeared and what seemed like something temporary has stayed with us ever since. To get the look, it’s typical to use retro items with other basic ones to create really cool looks.

At Wordans we think these sweatpants would match this style very well. The vibrant red color will keep all eyes on you, the stripe on the side adds a vintage touch, and it’s very easy to combine with this basic white shirt from Gildan. Add a pair of high socks and old Converse and… oh! Don’t forget your golden or silver retro glasses to complete the look!

The sports guy

We all have a friend that spends all his free time at the gym, and if you don’t know anyone like that, then you’re likely the one.

He’s always down for anything involving sports: a soccer game, some shoots to the basket or a crossfit session. He hardly ever dresses up, because he’s always fresh out of his workout session.

The perfect outfit we suggest for him, involves a pair of navy blue sweatpants and a basic oversized sweatshirt from Gildan. Thought for someone that loves the sporty effortless look and his priority comfort. Add a pair of plain white sneakers and you got the look!

The nerd

Whether you’re an office addict, a programmer or a maths lover, your style probably can be classified in this group. At your workplace, college or even at high school, this collective finds it difficult to put on a tracksuit because it’s too informal for them.

On the other hand, it’s another simple way of dressing that never goes wrong as it’s composed of basics. For this inspired outfit we chose this polo from Gildan. It will be your best ally and you can pair with almost anything, which makes it a versatile piece. You can find a wide variety of colors at Wordans.com . Don’t forget to wear your glasses to give it an extra touch.

And you? Which style identifies you the most? Let us know! You can find more outfit inspiration on our Instagram account @wearewordans and you can also explore our website Wordans.ca to shop a wide selection of styles and colors!

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