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Harriton Jackets wholesale and retail

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Harriton Jackets wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Get Your Harriton Jackets from Wordans Today

Are you fond of the Harriton brand and looking to complement your look with jackets? Well, welcome to Wordans. We are your go-to online apparel shop when it comes to hwholesale and retail clothing and accessories. We understand brand loyalty and stock a wide range of jackets, including from the prestigious Harriton brand.

Choose from a Wide Range of the Harriton Brand Jackets

Harriton stands out as one of the most reputable clothing brands. It is renowned for its manufacturing and designing of corporate outfits. At Wordans, we bring you an excellent range of these jackets so you can get the ideal piece for your needs. Whether you are purchasing for your organization's uniform, upcoming event, or branding, you can be sure to find your desired piece on our website.


When buying the jackets wholesale, we know that you are not buying for one person. Chances are that you are getting them for your brand, as merchandise, or to dress your employees. As such, we factor in the inclusivity of the sizes and ensure that everyone can get their desired size. For the Harriton brand jackets, our sizes range from extra small to extra-large. Here is our size chart for these jackets:











If you are placing an order for your workers, you can request them to indicate their sizes. This makes it easier for you to place your order, as you simply have to enter the number of pieces alongside their sizing.


While the jackets are layered on other clothes, the fabric or material matters a lot. Besides ensuring comfort, the right material will also serve and last you long. At Wordans, our selection of material for the Harriton jackets comes in two materials: nylon and duck.

Nylon is usually durable and lightweight. If you want the jackets for a place that is frequented by water and dust, you should go for nylon as it is waterproof and easy to wash. On the other hand, the duck has a stiff appearance but becomes very comfortable after a few washes. The best thing about it is that it does not lose its toughness over time. With these material choices for the Harriton brand jackets, you get to pick what works best for your environment.


What is the gender composition of the people in your organization? At Wordans, we are big on inclusivity. We classify these Harriton brand jackets into different categories of gender, including men, women, and unisex. When you are placing an order for your organization's uniform, you can simply include the number of men's jackets you want, women's, as well as unisex. This caters to everyone included.

Buy Harriton Jackets Wholesale

As mentioned above, we are an online wholesaler of clothing and accessories. Besides providing you with an excellent variety, we also ensure that you get the best prices in the market. We want the rates to be affordable regardless of the number of Harriton brand jackets that you want to purchase.

Our rates are the cheapest in the market for Harriton jackets bulk orders and retail. However, you get an extra advantage upon shopping in bulk due to our wholesale discounts. In the end, you buy Harriton jackets cheap and uncompromised.

Choose From Blank and Customizable Harriton Jackets

When buying the jackets for your organization or branding, we know how important it is to include your logo or business mantra. Following this, we ensure that all the products on our website are blank and customizable. They are a canvas awaiting your creativity. You can then add messages, logos, and any other branding that you desire for your Harriton jackets.

We also have a team of experts in our customization department who are skilled in various imprinting techniques, including screen printing. You only need to send us the details you want included, and we take care of it. The jackets will arrive well-branded and ready to wear!