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Women Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Jackets for Women in All Sorts of Styles

Our selection of Jackets for Women at Wordans

Looking for new stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe collection ? You’ve found the right place! Canvas jackets for women, down jackets, bomber jackets, fleeces, sports jackets, vests, reflective women’s jackets… in our catalog you’ll find a wide variety of jackets and styles for any of your needs!

Zipperless or hooded jackets, with or without any pockets, or even jackets with thumbholes at the sleeves, we’ve created quite a special selection of jackets for women that come in all shapes, fits, sizes and lengths! For instance, are you a fan of hip length jackets and button jackets? Do you like having jackets that can be matched with any outfit? In that case, have a look at our Ladies Hartford All Season Hip-Length snap closure jacket, we’re sure it would be the perfect match for your preferences!

The Best Brands for Women’s Jackets

At Wordans, your satisfaction is our main priority. And because it is so, we understand how important it is for you to find the best quality jackets for women at the best prices. This is why we carefully selected brands you all know, trust and love. From Champion and North End’s well known quality sportswear jackets, to Columbia’s expertly conceived jackets for outdoorsy women, we’ve chosen brands whose jackets will be with you for a lifetime, wherever you go.

Cheap Women’s Jackets for Everyone and Every Activity

Stylish Wholesale Jackets for Your Company’s Workwear

At Wordans, you’ll find various types of comfortable workwear for your employees in different styles! We’re sure you’ll be able to find the best design to proudly show off your company colors and staff!

Browse through our catalog and choose the ideal workwear jacket for women among our selections. Our catalog includes a range of fabrics varying from polyester, cotton, nylon, among other textiles. Choosing the right jacket fabric is important to ensure your employees’ comfort as they work, especially if they move around a lot!

We have a selection of women’s jackets specifically created for companies in need of work jackets for their staff. In this section of jackets for women, you’ll see our catalog offers the perfect pieces to complete your uniform looks ! Our women’s jackets’ overall designs and professional look are perfect for your company, as they provide enough space for you to print your company logo and enough freedom to customize your pieces.

Comfortable Sports Jackets for Active Women

Love venturing in the great outdoors? Do you regularly go running in the woods or go for casual walks in the morning, even when it’s a bit chilly out? Our women’s jackets will be the perfect accessories to keep you warm and help you brave any weather conditions, so you can enjoy your activities to the fullest!

If you love running or exercising outside, our breathable moisture wicking fitness jackets will help you stay dry and comfortable, as well as regulate your body temperature during your training sessions. This way, you won’t feel too cold or too warm during your training in chilly weather conditions.

Women’s Clothing for All Seasons

Whether it’s raining, sunny, windy or just really cold outside, life still won't stop. And as much as you pray for it to happen, we still can’t teleport ourselves to work during bad weather days either. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this, a simple item that will help you through any weather; our women’s jackets!

Need a windbreaker? Have a look at our Columbia women’s windbreaker jackets! With one of these, any harsh winds will only feel like a breeze. Need a rain jacket? We’ve got plenty of North End rain jackets for women! Looking for light jackets to wear during spring camping trips? Check out our ladies’ light soft shell jackets you can wear almost any time of the year!

Our options are pretty diverse. So go on, then. Have a look at our collection of jackets for women! You’ll definitely find your new favorite accessory here.