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Devon & Jones T-Shirts wholesale and retail

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Devon & Jones T-Shirts wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Shirts are versatile - they can be worn casually, semi formal and formal. Which means they're perfect for any occasion. At Wordans, we recognize this versatility and aim to ensure that every one of our clients' needs are met.

That's why we offer affordable wholesale Devon & Jones T-Shirts. These shirts are specifically designed for semi formal wear - which means you can wear them to work or social events while maintaining the convenience of a t-shirt.

Why we partnered with Devon & Jones

At Wordans, we specialize in distribution. That's our role as the middleman between customers and suppliers. As such, we ensure that our suppliers are the right fit for our clientele. Each supplier is responsible for maintaining a high degree of quality that meets - if not surpasses - the client's expectations.

That said, we particularly chose to partner with Devon & Jones to supply our clients with semi formal wholesale t-shirts. These shirts are great for a game, commute, date, or conference. In fact, with our wholesale Devon & Jones t-shirts, you can do all those things in one day! Now that's convenience, the Wordans way.

Professionally Enhanced

The demand for this selection of products is high due to their innate ability to adapt to a variety of contexts. Not only are our wholesale Devon & Jones t-shirts aesthetically professional, but are enhanced for high performance physical activity.

If you plan to be physically active - such as regularly commuting to work - we recommend our performance enhanced wholesale Devon & Jones t-shirts, to maximize your agility and flexibility. Moreover, if you're working in hot temperatures, regardless and/or in place of any physical activity, we recommend our moisture wicking wholesale Devon & Jones T-shirts which will keep you looking as good as you feel.

Notably, if these high temperature contexts correlate with frequently being outdoors in the sun, we recommend checking out our UPF certified sun protection wholesale Devon & Jones t-shirts. These will provide you with top grade protection from the sun's harmful radiation waves and keep you feeling young and sunburn free for years to come!

Looking for a shirt you don't have to think about? Check out our easy care wholesale Devon & Jones t-Shirts. These are great for anyone who is frequently busy or messy. Just wear them as you like and toss them in the washer and dryer without a second thought! They'll be clean in time. With these shirts, you can truly rinse and repeat!

Endless choices tailored to you

Our Wholesale Devon & Jones t-Shirts are popular among our clientele. But they wouldn't be as popular if every client couldn't be accommodated. That's why we offer a vast range of options - from color and size to style and fabric.

Our color range can accommodate those looking for any color across the spectrum. We offer dark tones and bright colors. If you're looking for a toned down look, we recommend checking out our white wholesale Devon & Jones t-shirts. Conversely, if you're looking for bright colors that pop, we recommend checking out our red wholesale Devon & Jones t-shirts.

Our Wholesale Devon & Jones T-shirts also come in various sizes, which can be further subdivided by women and men subcategories. These sizes range from XS to 6XL. With a size range like that, anyone can fit in a Wholesale Devon & Jones T-Shirt.

Style options:

  • Polo.
  • Short sleeve.
  • V neck.

Fabric options:

The bigger the order, the bigger the savings!

At Wordans, we offer cheap Wholesale Devon & Jones T-Shirts without compromising style, comfort, or quality. Don't believe us? Order today and find out!