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Toque Headwear wholesale and retail.

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Everything You Should Know About Toque Headwear

Are you looking to get cozy and warm headwear for winter? Toque headwear are perfect for this. Visit us on Wordans for cheap toque headwear. However, before doing so, you may want to find out what a toque hat is and why you should get it. Read us, we are going to explain everything you ought to know about this headwear type.

What is a toque headwear?

Let us start by defining the toque hat. It is a type of hat without a brim. Therefore, a toque hat can also be referred to as a brimless hat. Toque is a category of headwear that incorporates various hat styles, like caps and beanies. In simpler terms, the word toque is a broad term that refers to a specific category of hats.

Characteristics of togue headwear

Toque hats have specific characteristics that set them apart from other headwear designs. Below are some specific qualities:

They are thick and cozy

Another way you can identify a toque hat is by checking its thickness. Toque hats are typically thick and cozy. They are thicker than regular beanies. For this reason, they make the perfect headwear for colder winter months. They are also great accessories for evening wear. Their thickness allows them to store heat and keep the wearer warm. They coziness also makes them perfect for camping activities and other outdoor events.

They do not have a brim

This characteristic is apparent from their definition. Toque hats do not have a brim. A brim is an upper or outer margin or edge on a hat. It is like a band around a hat. Thanks to their brimless nature, toque hats are easy to fold and store. This makes them perfect for travelling. However, this quality often causes people to mistake toque hats for beanies and vice versa, since they both do not have brims. 

They are knitted

Something else worth knowing about the toque hat is that it is usually knitted. For this reason, some people describe these hats as knitted beanies. However, you should know that beanies are not regularly knitted.

They are long

Another defining element of toque hats is that they are long. This allows you to fold them as a form of customization. Also, their length allows for anyone, regardless of your hairstyle and hair volume, to wear them. They also fit different head shapes and sizes.

You can easily find cheap toque headwear

Another thing you should know about toque hats and a contributor to their popularity is that they are affordable. These products are affordable and readily available.

The difference between toque hats and beanies

  • Toques are knitted and beanies are not.
  • Toques and longer.
  • Toques can be beanies, while not all beanies are toques.

Toque headwear is a must-have for everyone, regardless of your age or gender. We are Wordans, one of Canada’s leading apparel company where we offer wholesale toque headwear at incredible prices. The products boast of impeccable quality, versatility, and discount offers. What are you waiting to order your Toque Headwear? We are always ready on Wordans to prepare your order!