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Polo wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

A polo is a timeless clothing item that fits many occasions and types of outfit. But how do you make a decision between all the online shops that offer polo shirts? We have the solution for you ! We are Wordans, an international wholesaler that also operates in Canada. We offer endless quantities of polo shirts. Think of many different colors, materials, and sizes. You have come to the right place if you are looking for cheap polo shirts. Did you know you can even personalize them ? So a personalized polo t-shirt is very nice to resell in your own business, for your own use, or to give as a gift.

Different features of our cheap polo shirts

Our polo t-shirts are very varied. First, you can choose from dozens of colors. Think of red, green, purple, yellow, blue, or white. Some polo t-shirts are solid and some have multiple colors. For example, the shoulders can be dark blue and the rest can be light blue. You can filter by colors on the left side of the screen, so you will only see the polo shirts with those colors. In addition, if you find a style you like, you can also change the color of that item directly.

We want to be there for everyone. That's why our polo t-shirts are available in sizes starting at XS and ending at 6XL. In addition to our items being unisex, and being available for men and women, we also have polo shirts for children.

As mentioned before, polo t-shirts are suitable for multiple occasions and that includes different types of treatment. For example, you can choose an item that is moisture-wicking, easy to care for, sun-protective, or wrinkle resistant. In the product information, you can see what kind of treatment (s) your favorite polo shirts have. Furthermore, these are some of the materials our polo t-shirts have: polyester, pique-blend, cotton-poly, or jersey cotton.

The advantages of the blank apparel at Wordans

Since we are a wholesaler, we can offer our products cheaper than normal retail stores. This makes it ideal for you to sell these blank polo t-shirts in your own store. You save money on your inventory and you can make more profit per product. Another advantage is that these items get cheaper and cheaper the more you buy. We also call this volume discount. In the product information, you can easily see how many items are in stock and how much discount you will get. This makes buying polo t-shirts in bulk much easier.

Wordans also ensures prompt delivery of your products. As a business, nothing is more annoying than being dependent on your inventory. With Wordans, the wholesaler in Canada, you don't have to spend hours scouring for the right polo shirt, the best price, or the best delivery. In one place you will find it all.

Another advantage of our polo t-shirts is that you can get them personalized. Think of printing a logo, a text, a name, or a quote on a t-shirt. This way you can make a polo t-shirt completely personal for yourself, as a gift, or maybe as a matching outfit for your sports team? Furthermore, this is also a good method to create your own clothing items for your company. You can easily establish your brand through this method. And this is why tear-away labels come in handy too!

To conclude, Wordans has several features for its polo shirts. The colors are endless, as are the materials and types of treatment. Take a look at our webshop and enjoy cheap, blank, and beautiful polo shirts.