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Rain Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Rain Jackets

Welcome to Wordans, an international wholesale distributor operating in Canada. In this section, we will tell you more about our high-quality rain jackets. You can come to us for (blank) rain jackets in bulk. Wordans´rain jackets are available in multiple colors, brands, materials, and other product features.

We have the right jacket for you

We think it is very important that everyone can come to us. Therefore, we try to have as many sizes available as possible. Our sizes start at XS and end at 5XL. Not quite sure of your size? In the product information, you will find a handy size chart. Here the sizes of body parts are linked to the sizes. Furthermore, on the same page, you can read in product details to what extent the product is, for example, elastic. By providing a product overview we hope you'll find the best raincoats from our wholesale collection. Our rain jacket collection is for men, women, unisex, and children. For children, we have sizes S to XL. So, if you are looking for a matching jacket with your child or just normal youth rain jackets in Canada , you have come to the right place! As you can see on the left side of your screen, we have our rain jackets available in multiple colors. You can filter from here or you can choose a rain jacket and change the color from there. We have the colors red, blue, green, black and gray, among others. In addition to different colors, you can also choose from several brands. At Wordans we have the following: Champion, Columbia, Core 365, North End, and Team 365 rain jackets.

Our raincoats are ideal for your business

At our wholesale in Canada, you can enjoy low prices. When you open the page, you can immediately see how much discount you get at Wordans compared to retailers. Moreover, you will get more discounts when you buy our rain jackets in bulk. Because you can purchase cheap rain jackets, you can also resell them at a higher margin. Even though our products are cheap, you are still assured of good quality! Who doesn't want that? In addition, you can choose from customizable coats. You can have your coat printed with a photo, text, name or logo at our website. You can create your own brand at Wordans. In addition, you can customize it for personal use too. For example, do you have a hiking group or are you going on vacation with your family? How nice to get your (family) name printed!

Are the Wordans rain jackets really waterproof ?

Of course, it is very important that a raincoat is waterproof. Therefore, the rain jackets are available in polyester. This fabric is known to be waterproof. In addition, polyester is quick-drying, lightweight, strong and wrinkle-free. Another nice advantage is that the fabric is durable. The fabric does not stretch, tear or pile easily. This makes Wordans rain jackets ideal for outdoor sports activities. We also have raincoats in nylon. Since nylon is not completely waterproof by itself, the jackets have a 100% nylon hydro plus waterproof shell. Nylon is a durable fabric that lasts a long time as well. You can see that nylon is inexpensive and this fabric is easy to wash too! This is the overview of the rain jacket collection from Wordans, the wholesaler in Canada. At Wordans, you can buy cheap rain jackets in bulk, customize them, or resell them for your business. We think it is important that everyone can come to us. Therefore, we have multiple sizes, brands, and colors available!