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Kids T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Wordans is a B2B apparel company that sells wholesale garments to retailers. We sell blank apparel for kids and adults. They are also available in both male and female as well as unisex. Cheap t-shirts for kids are among the most popular garments in our categories. Below we provide everything you need to know about Kids' T-shirts.

Kids' T-Shirt Styles on Wordans

One of the best things about Wordans is that it offers various t-shirt styles for kids. These include:

Long Sleeves

Our long sleeve Kids' T-shirts are quite popular in the children's clothing section and for good reason. They are perfect for special events, parties, and team sports. Long sleeves are also comfortable and warm for colder seasons, yet cool and attractive for all seasons.

Performance T-shirts

Wordans performance T-shirts are designed to withstand rough activities like sports without losing their shape. They are easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Performance T-shirts are typically made from absorbent materials but with wicking properties to ensure your kid's body remains dry during their activities.

Most of them are also made with 100% polyester. These T-shirts are perfect for kids as they can withstand tough stain cleaning and everyday use. Wordans offers performance colors in the best materials and multiple colors. Kids plain T-shirts are also available, making Wordans the go-to option for wholesale t-shirts for branding.


These are close-fitting pullover T-shirts with long or short sleeves and turnover collars. You may also find some that come with banded necks at Wordans. This classic T-shirt style is great for events and team uniforms. Wordans offers blank polos that companies can purchase and have branded and printed for various events and purposes.


Wordans also offers short-sleeved kids' T-shirts in various colors and materials. The T-shirts are great for everyday wear, special occasions, and use as uniforms.


These are T-shirts made of fabric from three different materials. The typical materials are cotton, polyester, and rayon (an alternative to silk). They are soft and comfortable and feature a classic style. They are also great for layering and are ideal for cool and warm days. Triblend T-shirts for kids are perfect for printing and branding. This factor makes them blend it perfectly with Wordan's business model, providing blank apparel for branding and printing after purchase.

Fabric Options for Wordans Bulk Kids' T-shirts for Kids

Apart from the various styles, the T-shirts for kids also come in various fabrics. Some of the fabric options at Wordans are: 100% cotton This is one of the best materials for kids' T-shirts. It is comfortable, soft, and features incredible wicking properties.

Cotton Blends

This material is blended with other fabrics but majorly contains cotton. It is soft, durable, and strong, suitable for kids' T-shirts.

100% polyester

This high-quality material is great for making kids' T-shirts. It is incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to chemicals, abrasion, shrinking, wrinkles, and mildew.

50/50 Cotton-Poly

This material combination offers the benefits of pure cotton and polyester and avoids the primary pitfalls of pure blends. T-shirts made with this material are soft, light, and less susceptible to extreme shrinking, wrinkles, static, and piling.


This material does not contain equal amounts of cotton and poly. However, it offers similar advantages to cotton-poly blends.


This material features a blend of cotton and synthetic fabric. It is flexible, warm, stretchy, and insulating. It is also comfortable and highly soft.

Plain Toddler T-shirts

Also available at Wordans are Plain toddler T-shirts Canada with different styles. These T-shirts also come in different sizes and are available in long and short sleeves.

Prices and Brands

The kids' T-shirt prices on Wordans range between $2 and $20. This is quite an affordable range considering the brands offered and the quality of products. You can even have a reduced price when acquiring bulk t-shirts for kids. Wordans provides bulk t-shirts for kids from some of the top brands. T-shirts from Bella+ Canvas, Blank Activewear, Champion, Core, Gildan, Next Level, Rabbit Skins, and Team 365. Jordan's platform allows you to filter your search by brand.

Sizes and Colors

The T-shirts come in about two dozen colors, like pink, blue, yellow, orange, black, grey, etc. They also come in five sizes; XS, S, M, L, and XL. Wordans' T-shirts for kids are high-quality, affordable, and come in a wide variety. At Wordans, we offers products from the best brands and in numerous styles and colors.