Champion Headwear wholesale and retail.

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Champion Headwear wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

With the universal popularity of street fashion and athleisure, hats play an increasingly significant role in 21st century style. At Wordans, we recognize the demand for headwear and have taken steps to provide popular options for our clientele. With that in mind, we think you'll like our selection of Wholesale Champion Headwear.

The Headwear of champions

As a brand, Champion's name is befitting of its original and continued purpose: athletic wear, and more recently, athleisure. Originally from the United States, Canadians have quickly added to the international clientele of Champion apparel. After all, what could be more cross-cultural than sportsmanship? 

Champion Headwear for everyday

With our selection of varied champion headwear, we are able to offer hats for a variety of occasions and seasons. That said, most of our selection caters to athletes. Thus, you will find an array of athletic caps. 


These caps vary in style, fabric and color. You can find some caps are either manually adjustable or stretch fit, allowing you to tailor the size of the cap to your unique head shape and comfort. Conversely, some caps are uniform - in color and size. Others display champion's famed logo in its traditional stylistic writing. 

Of course, the most considerable difference in head sizes is the gap between children and adult head sizes. Thus, in addition to unisex adult sizes, can find champion headwear in kids sizes as well. 

Cuffed Beanies 

With Canada’s beautiful four seasons, we recognize that caps alone may not be enough for the whole year. So for those cold winter months and northern provinces, we offer beanies (or tuques for our more Canadian clients). These beanies are stylistically cuffed with Champion's signature logo and will keep you warm during those strong Canadian winters. Strapping directly onto your head, these beanies will fit any head size, and can even be pulled down to keep your ears warm. 


As previously mentioned, our selection of champion headwear varies in material. And while stretch fit fabrics are one option, we also offer hats made of cotton, twill or mesh. Each option provides a variety of breathability, style, and comfort, while guaranteeing high quality standards. So while the pre-curved visor keeps the sun out of your eyes, the side panels will keep your head at cool temperatures. 

The full Color Spectrum 

Are you a fan of coloring your wardrobe and outfit? We are too. So we made sure to offer a wide range of colors that meet your needs. Check out our red and violet options to stand out and our black, white, brown, dark green and blue options, for a toned-down look. 

Create your Next Outfit with Champion Headwear

At Wordans, we offer a variety of clothes - from short sleeves, and sweaters, to athletic wear and jackets. This means you can style your champion headwear for every day of the year, no matter the temperature or occasion. 

Winter outfits

As previously mentioned, we recommend the Champion's beanie for colder weather. It pairs well with a nice hoodie or crew neck for a casual look, or a cardigan or zip-neck for a more formal mid-layer. For an exterior layer, we recommend an insulated jacket. 

Summer and workout outfits

For those hotter months, we recommend our caps to keep you looking and feeling good. Caps are great for outdoor workouts. Pair it with a performance t-shirt and athletic shorts to maximize agility, style, and comfort. 

The Larger your order, the Cheaper the Price

In Canada, we aim to provide the best deals. This includes our wholesale champion headwear. The more you buy, the less you pay. Feel free to browse our large range of specially curated selections. 

Pro-tip: keep an eye out for High stock options!