Yupoong Headwear wholesale and retail.

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Yupoong Headwear wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

As Wordans company, we propose various products to suit all our client needs. From clothing such as t-shirts, sweats, and fleece, long sleeves, athletic wear, and now Yupoong headwear, we are ready to be your number one supplier.

We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your needs as we expand our services to the international community. Our Headwear made by Yupoong is very high quality as they are a trusted and reputable supplier of ours. We guarantee that you and your customers receive high quality products in bulk that you will be happy with.

Our headwear from Yupoong is offered in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Customers can choose the size ranges they would prefer to purchase. It is made possible by the size chart available on each product page.

Our Yupoong headwear is made using high-quality materials such as cotton, polyester and nylon or some blend between them. It makes them stand out as they are designed to stand the test of time with their quality finishes. The products also come in different colors which the customer can choose.

Cheap Yupoong headwear at wholesale prices

We have managed to collaborate with numerous brands for our products. Our website has made it easy for our customers to look through them via the alphabetical order system. Brands affiliated with Wordans company include Alstyle for T-shirts, Alternative Apparel for T-shirts, and American Apparel for long sleeves and now Yupoong for headwear. There are so many brands under the alphabetical system inclusive of the well-known Puma brand that supplies us with bags and headwear. Yupoong headwear deals with amazing hats suitable to all age groups according to their preference.

Are you looking for quality headgear sold at an affordable rate? Wordans has an array of quality Yupoong headwear that will suit your liking. We encourage customers to evaluate our catalogs and find the perfect headgear for you and your business.

Find different styles and colors of wholesale Yupoong headwear

Before supplying Yupoong headwear we wanted to make sure that we could offer an array of styles with these products. At Wordans we are proud to be able to do that. You will find that our Yupoong headwear can come in a variety of different styles including Caps, snapbacks and twills. Check out our product range and find the style that best suits you.

In terms of colors, we have made sure to give you the most amount of options possible. Take advantage of our color options such as green camo, cranberry, light blue or pink to take your outfit to the next level.

Our cheap prices

All participants who work with us are guaranteed affordable deals. We ensure that our prices are cut by up to 70% of all our products in each category. We offer discounts to customers who order more products. The more you order, the cheaper it gets. It is made possible by our volume discounts system. Wordans bulk orders are worth every coin to ensure value for money.

To make more of this order, you can make group orders with your suppliers, co-workers, friends, and family members to place a large order. By doing this, you stand a chance to get more products at a cheaper rate. Businesses too can make a group of different lines and order all their garments at once. This ensures that both parties get the most out of the offer given and thus can conduct their business diligently.

A little about Wordans

Wordans is a company that was launched in 2015 in Canada as a blank apparel company that specializes in bulk goods sold at wholesale prices. We aim to sell our products to our clientele at cheap and affordable prices for optimum customer satisfaction.
As the largest wholesale company in Canada, Wordans has managed to get the best deals for our products which have seen us rise above our competitors. Our primary goal is to slash our prices by up to 70% of all products we provide in each category.