Rabbit Skins T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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Rabbit Skins T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

People shopping for their young children and babies can search Wordans stores to find rabbit skins T-shirts that are cheap, in bulk, and wholesale. We have rabbit skins T-shirts that will look absolutely adorable on boys and on girls, while there are also unisex options available in our stores, which would be a great hand-me-down for siblings who are not of the same gender.
We also have rabbit skins T-shirts that are suitable for all seasons and climates, which means that you can shop for short sleeve T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, bodysuits, rabbit skins sweatshirt, shoulder creepers, and melange outfits for your toddlers and babies.
Wordans prides itself on selling baby and toddler outfits that are CPSIA compliant, which gives parents shopping at our stores one less thing to think about. The safety of your child is everything, and the clothes that they wear are a big part of that.

Wholesale Rabbit Skin T-Shirts Keep Your Child Comfortable

All of our rabbit skin T-shirts weigh less than six ounces, while most of them weigh less than five ounces. This means your toddlers and babies can continue playing and learning, without carrying around the added burden of a top that is just too heavy.
Most of our rabbit skin T-shirts are made completely from cotton, while the remainder of our stocks features a blend that includes cotton and polyester. For most of our outfits cotton is the predominant fabric, primarily because of its absorption qualities, which are quite critical for the comfort and health of your kids.
The beauty of our cotton brands is that they are also much easier to clean because they are machine washable and machine dryable. Any kids that are given the freedom to learn and play, will get dirty pretty often. The less time parents spend worrying about keeping kids clean, the better.
Our Melange bodysuits are the exception that makes the rule, as they are predominantly made from polyester. That is partly why they are super light, weighing in at just over four ounces. The blend consists of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent ring-spun cotton.

Wordans Cheap Rabbit Skins Fit For All Ages

We have rabbit skin T-shirts that are available for kids ranging anywhere from newborn to 24 months. We also have rabbit skin T-shirts that are available for older children, with clothes ranging from two years to four years, with Wordans being well stocked in every age category.

Rabbit Skin T-Shirts Are Memorable

We have rabbit skin T-shirts that are available in a wide range of colors. Some will be a little more suitable for girls, while others will be a little more suitable for boys. There are also some great colors available for children of either sex, which means parents can shop for multiple siblings, and pass the clothes down regardless of what the gender is.
Rabbit skin T-Shirt colors that will stick out for girls include pink, key lime, hot pink, red, yellow, orange, and maybe even white. However, if you are shopping for boys, you might be a little more tickled by our blue, green, royal blue, navy, black, vintage red, and vintage royal.
If you are shopping for two children or are a little undecided on what colors to go for, you could also pick from rabbit skin T-shirts that come in light blue, ash, heather, sage, vintage smoke, natural, chill, sangria blackout, bamboo blackout, surf blackout, and ice blackout.
Whichever color you go with, you will be able to create many Kodak moments with yourself and your young family.