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CX2 Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Get Your CX2 Jackets Wholesale and Retail at Wordans Canada Today

CX2 is among the biggest brand names in the apparel industry. The brand has an excellent variety of outfits from sweats and fleeces, t-shirts, to jackets. If you are looking to explore a new option from the regular, CX2 jackets are your best shot. With the many wholesale shops stocking CX2 outfits, you can only trust one source; Wordans. Here is why you can trust us!

Select from a Variety of Styles

At Wordans, we stock a wide range of CX2’s jackets for your needs. We know that buying wholesale requires that you get a good selection for all your intended wearers. Some of the styles you will find include:

• 3 in 1.

• Windbreakers.


• Down jackets.


• Fleece.


• Rain jackets.


• Sports jackets.

If you are getting them for outdoor activities and require something warm, you can choose to go for the fleece jackets. They are warm enough and will keep the wearers comfortable. On the other hand, those looking for a simple stylish way to complete their outfits can consider the bomber or vest jackets. Whatever your need, you can be sure to find a suitable style of the CX2 jacket at Wordans.

Choose the CX2 Jackets Wholesale in Your Preferred Gender

We know that shopping for jackets in retail and wholesale is different. When buying for yourself, you can simply pick out the exact CX2 jacket you want. However, for the wholesale orders, you will need to get a few options, especially if the wearers are not yet determined.

For this reason, we stock the CX2’s jackets for different genders. If you want to buy them for kids, you can shop under the kids’ segment and find the right fit and options. The same applies when shopping for men’s jackets. If you are buying the items as merchandise or promotional items, consider buying the unisex options to suit a wide range of wearers. Let everyone get a CX2 jacket.

We Have All the Colors You Love

Colors are a huge identifier in business and branding. While two businesses may identify with blue, one may be referring to neon blue and another dark blue. We know this and have stocked the CX2 jackets in different colors for your branding needs. Some of the options you can purchase include:

When placing your bulk CX2 jackets order, feel free to add a variety of colors and diversify where needed.

Buy Cheap CX2 Jackets at Wordans

Good quality CX2 jackets are not easy to come by. They are often expensive and will require you to dig deeper into your pockets, especially on a wholesale order. At Wordans, we know how pricey it can get and that is why we have the cheapest rates in the market.

Contrary to the popular opinion that cheap items are compromised quality, we ensure that all the items at our shop are in the best shape for your use. Our CX2 jackets are legitimate and made with premium threading and material to last you long enough.

Besides ensuring our prices are the cheapest in the market, we also apply regular offers and discounts to make the deal even more attractive for our wholesale customers. We’ve got you covered!

Customize Your Bulk CX2 Jackets Order

All the accessories and apparel at Wordans are blank and free for customization. The only element you will find is tear-away labels stating the brand and the size of the jackets you just bought. With the rest of the jacket blank, you can use them to brand your business and tell your story with logos, slogans, or just your company name. Simply email us your specifications and let us work your brand on your new CX2 jackets.