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Insulated Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

At Wordan's, we recognize that North America gets cold - especially Canada. So an insulated jacket is an integral part of your outfit - whether you're homegrown or just visiting the country, we want to do our part in keeping you safe, comfy, and looking good.

Our wholesale insulated jackets reflect cheap wholesale prices, so you can buy enough for all your loved ones stress-free. So don't wait to go sledding, skiing, skating, we got you covered.

Our Brand Partners

To guarantee the best wholesale quality, we have partnered with several brands specializing in athletic apparel, North End, Core 365, and one of the most popular apparel brands, Columbia. With their quality and expertise, and our low-cost, efficient service, we can keep you looking the way you envision your colleagues, teams, or clients.

So Many Possibilities

Our selection of wholesale insulated jackets doesn't compromise your shopping experience. We offer a wide array of colours (red, green, blue, black, grey, and white) and sizes - from XS to 5XL for women and men.

Notably, while colours are a part of customization, they can also be an integral part of safety. Outerwear is not only stylistic, but important. Whether you're in a busy city centre or in the mountains, visibility is a paramount facet of safety. If you can't be seen, you can't be helped, found, or avoided. So when you are customizing your outerwear, keep visibility in mind.


Women's and men's insulated jackets are the optimal jack because of two attributes: their temperature control and protective exterior shell. When combined, you no longer need a separate rain jacket and sweater combo because now you have it all in one! So whether you're packing for a trip, or just taking a stroll, insulated jackets are by far the most convenient option. Because if and when you change your mind, you can easily take it off.

Put it in your bag or tie it around your waist. Either way, no matter how you look at it, having one insulated jacket that combines your needs is better than having to carry a separate sweater and jacket. So on your next spring stroll or fall Halloween, ask yourself, am I missing something? Could an insulated jacket be for me?

If you already have one - think of the teens. They are constantly forgetting things and looking to parents and adults for help. With an insulated jacket, they'll only have to remember one thing - one jacket - an insulated jacket. Not only will this reduce their dependence on adults, but grow their awareness for the most practical outwear when they invest in their own wardrobe.

Our Recommended Combinations

Waiting at the bus station or metro platform? Regardless of your mode of commute or reason for commuting, it is important to be prepared for any weather. If it's a casual commute, we recommend pairing our wholesale women's and men's insulated jackets with a crewneck or zip neck sweatshirt to stay warm.

If it's not as cold, we recommend a thinner, lighter athletic jacket because it's easy to pack and won't overheat you.

Biking to work? If you are planning on taking a fairly active commute (e.g. biking), we recommend looking into our athletic shorts and pants as well. If this physically active commute regularly demands a degree of athleticism, we recommend checking out our performance insulated jackets as well.

Big Bang for your Buck

As a Canadian brand, we take our outerwear seriously. So when we say our wholesale insulated jackets are a reliable, worthwhile, and practical investment, you best believe us. While you enjoy our products, we will continue to provide high speed delivery, great customer service, and low wholesale prices to all our clients.