Green Women Athletic Wear wholesale and retail.

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Green Women Athletic Wear wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Your Go-To Source for Green Women's Athletic Wear

The concept of "going green" is no longer associated with the environment alone. This verdant tone is just as popular if you have been looking to spruce up your wardrobe or you require garments in bulk. Either way, the team at Wordans has you covered. From sweaters and shorts to t-shirts and leggings, our line of cheap green women's athletic wear will keep you coming back for more. Let's move on by quickly discussing what customers can expect to enjoy.

Green Women's Athletic Wear at Wholesale Prices

Are you looking to purchase these garments in bulk? This is one of the special services that Wordans has provided since 2015 and we are still going strong. Not only is this a great way to stretch a tight budget, but such an option is often ideal for business or marketing-related purposes.

Still, we should mention that affordable athletic wear for women does not signify that you will be sacrificing quality or reliability. On the contrary, we make it a point to stock bulk green women's athletic wear produced by well-known manufacturers. This will always ensure that you can enjoy a higher return on investment.

Becoming the Best by Working with the Best

There are many reasons why Wordans has enjoyed so much success within the Canadian wholesale marketplace. One of these can be attributed to the brands that we choose to offer. Customers will come across names including (but not limited to):

We firmly believe that variety is the spice of life. Furthermore, the ability to select from such brands provides a sense of familiarity that is not often possible when dealing with generic distributors.

The Personal Touch

Our green women's athletic wear offers plenty of bespoke options. Whether you are concerned with practicality or style, look no further than Wordans. For example, perhaps you require a long-sleeved shirt for remaining warm and cosy while performing exercises. In this case, the Team 365 Ladies Zone Performance shirt could be the ideal solution. Offering built-in features such as 100 percent polyester fabric, moisture-wicking capabilities, and UV protection from the damaging rays of the sun, you will definitely leave an impression during your next training session.

We should nonetheless stress that this line of athletic wear is equally suited for more informal situations and indeed any situation where comfort might otherwise be a concern. Additional amenities such as feminine cuts and shaped seams will also help to accentuate your physical characteristics; a nice ancillary benefit to enjoy.

What About Branding?

Wordans is often chosen by those who are interested in advertising, promotions and branding. This selection of plain green apparel is perfectly suited to address these requirements. Many of these garments are fully compatible with embroidering and silk screening. So, affixing a logo to a shirt or pair of shorts has never been more straightforward. Green is likewise an excellent choice. While it is a stand-out colour, its muted characteristics can be used to enhance the appearance of any existing logo.

The bottom line is that Wordans has always adopted an approach that places an equal amount of importance upon both quantity and quality. Whether you have become interested in this line for personal reasons or you are instead tasked with placing a bulk order. We are here to help. Please contact us to learn more about this selection of green women's athletic wear or to enquire about your payment options.