Legging Athletic Wear wholesale and retail.

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Legging Athletic Wear wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

The wholesale cheap bulk leggings available in our stores are among the most affordable that you will find anywhere on the market but that does not mean that we have compromised on quality in any way, shape, or form.

Wordans bulk leggings will always deliver on style and performance, and there are several key factors of our design that make this possible. These factors ensure that you will always get value for your buck (and considerably more) when you purchase our cheap leggings.

Cheap leggings at wholesale prices

Women will love our contour leggings because the sizes range from XS to M, which means they will be just as effective as compression pants. Our contour leggings are designed with the tight fit that is required to help improve the quality of your workout.

The tight fit helps blood circulate better around your body, which means that more oxygen will be carried through your system. These are factors that help reduce muscle fatigue and mitigate the risk of injury while you are working out.
Women will also love the tight fit that you get from our contour leggings because they will hug your body in all the places that matter, which will help you look and feel great while just working or working out. Because of the solid Wordans design, our contour leggings will also go remarkably well with any of the sports bras that are available in our stocks.

Get the most out of your workout with our impact leggings

Wordans impact leggings are made from a healthy blend of recycled polyester and spandex. Because the polyester in our impact leggings usually accounts for more than 78 percent of the fabric used in the product, you will be carrying a lot less weight around with you when you are working out.

If you are obsessed with performance during your workout, which we think you should be, then you will get that and a whole lot more from our impact leggings.

However, our impact leggings are also great because they stretch pretty well because spandex features so prominently in the design. Your workout should not just be about jogging or running more, but it should also be about having the freedom of movement required to get the most out of that workout. There is nothing worse than not being able to stretch your muscles properly, just because your women’s athletic wear is just too tight.

Our impact leggings are also very soft and comfortable, and critically they do not retain considerable moisture while you are working out, which contributes to the comfort levels you desire when your body is active.

Our moisture leggings are also great because they are suitable for all body shapes and sizes, which will range from XS to 3XL.

Order in bulk your quality performance leggings

You will feel like a champion when you wear our various performance leggings because they are just so stylish and go well with most sports bras and even regular tops.

However, with a polyester to spandex ratio of about 88 percent to 12 percent, your movements while training and competing will not be restricted by excessive moisture because of the wicking capabilities of our women’s sportswear.

While our performance leggings range in size from XS to 2XL, the most defining feature for our women is that they are usually designed to a full length, which is great for moisture retention when working out in cooler climates. However, because of the fabrics we use, Wordans leggings will also help keep you cool in warmer and humid climates.
Something that should seal the deal with our performance leggings, though, is that they are just so breathable, which allows you to focus on nothing else but your workout.