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Bodywarmer Jackets wholesale and retail

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Bodywarmer Jackets wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

At Wordans´s, we recognize that  Body Warmers are  a  staple of Canadian wardrobes, so we offer the best quality  at cheap wholesale prices, giving you the best value. You can be confident that no matter where you are, you will look and feel good. Our womens and mens body warmer Jackets are fitted so that you can wear them for both informal and formal occasions. 

The perfect Mid Layer

Our body warmers will keep you warm the canadian way - all year long. Wear them over a simple short or long sleeve for those chilly spring days. Add them to your winter ensemble for the coldest snow days. Pack them for your next flight or road trip, or cruise. However you decide to use them, these body warmers will never disappoint you. 

Every detail maximizes comfort, durability, and style. Looking for internal, hand-warmer, or zippered pockets? Stretch and elasticity? Thermal R insulation? Bound cuffs and hem? Look no further, we have you covered in bulk. 

Whether you're a working professional, active athlete, or avid winter adventurer, you can rest assured that our body warmers will keep you feeling warm and looking cool for years to come. But don't take our word for it, try it out yourself. 

Select Brands 

To guarantee the best quality, we have partnered with two trusted name brands,  Ash CityCore and Marmot, who specialize in outerwear and believe in our aim to provide durable, affordable body warmers. With their quality and expertise, and our low-cost, efficient service, we can take you where you want to go. 

Customize Your Bodywarmer

Want to take a classic look further? Create a look that is unique to your needs. While all our body warmers are thermally integrated with a combination of nylon and fleece, we also offer a vast range of colors and sizes. Black and gray are timeless, but a blue, red, or green body warmer will really make you pop. And with a size range of XS to 3XL, you can be sure that we have a size for every body type. 

Your next Bodywarmer

Body warmers are popular among workers in every profession because they make you look and feel competent, while keeping you comfortable. Popularized by the silicon valley ¨tech bros¨ and New York Wall Street investors, you can pair a body warmer jacket with a unisex crew or zip neck to look the part.

For active athletes, it's important to be  prepared for any situation. Body warmers can do just that. Whether you're going to the gym or a game, a body warmer can be paired with unisex sweatpants or womens leggings and sports bras for maximum comfort and agility. 

Reaching the arctic circle, Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world. So for the winter adventurers, sometimes a winter coat isn't enough to truly and safely appreciate canada´s winter wonders. When your winter coat just isn't enough, a short or long sleeve body warmer is the solution. Light weight, packable and warm, you can't go wrong with a body warmer. Pair it with a performance base layer and insulated jacket for extra protection. 

Best Value for Money

Our body warmers will keep you warm the canadian way - all year long. After all, no one appreciates outerwear like Canadians. With our cheap whole-sale prices, seamless delivery, and quick returns, you can't go wrong by investing in our service for your business and clients. All our body warmer jackets are in high stock - which means your order can be shipped in just 24 hours.  So don't worry about changing plans, dive into those chilly Canadian adventures!