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Shirts wholesale and retail

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Cheap shirts at wholesale prices

Ever wondered how your work attire affects your mood, your confidence, or even your productivity? Studies have revealed that more relaxed dress codes benefit workers significantly more than more formal dress codes. And if you think about it, if you constantly need to look sharp and dress a specific way, you’re definitely going to be less comfortable than you would be wearing your favorite pair of jeans, t-shirt and off-white sneakers. Why? Because being able to choose what you want to wear gives you control over your comfort, which is directly linked to your mood and confidence, and would consequently affect your productivity at work.

This is why we’ve made comfort an important detail at Wordans for every piece we’ve added to our collection: shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, accessories… anything you will find in our catalog!

Durable and Comfortable Materials

We’ve chosen only the best blends to guarantee you the highest level of comfort and performance possible. Do you walk around the office a lot, often tending to clients and bouncing from one meeting to the next? If so, then it’s only natural that you prefer shirts made of light and breathable fabrics to keep your body at comfortable temperatures.

Not only are our cheap shirts designed using light and breathable textiles, but some models are also conceived in stretchier material blends to enable you to move around comfortably without any restraints. Happen to prefer heavier fabrics? We’ve got denim shirts too!

Most of our quality shirts come in nylon spandex and cotton poly spandex triblends. We also offer shirts with special properties such as moisture wicking fabrics, elasticity for easier movements, stain and wrinkle resistance, so you always look your best worry free.

Comfortable Shirts for Everyone

Man or woman, you’ll find the ideal shirt for your work attire in our collection. Our sizes range from XS to 6L. With this much variety, we’re sure you’ll find a shirt with the best fit for your body type.

Not looking for comfortable work attire but casually browsing through our catalog for fashionable items? Pick a shirt from our collection and revamp any everyday look simply by adding a touch of class to it!

Stylish Shirts for Special Occasions

Short-sleeved barbados shirts, classic long sleeved shirts, ¾ sleeved shirts, blouses, blouses with open necklines, shirts with chest pockets… We’ve got more style variety than you would need. Our dress shirts are all suitable for professional looks, but would also be the perfect choice for a dressed but casual look if you love going out for dinner with friends or have a special date with someone.

Amazing Brands at the Best Prices to order in bulk

Timberlea, Columbia, Harriton, North End, Blank Activewear, and many more, we’ve got all kinds of different brands for you to discover here at Wordans! These brands were all specifically chosen for their quality, their durability, and unique features in order to offer you as much variety as possible.

Not only is our catalog full of fashionable shirts to discover, they’re all available at the best prices on the market! Our cheap shirts are available either in units or at wholesale prices. This way, if you’re a company looking to purchase a large amount of shirts, you can choose to buy them at the cheapest price for a large amount of shirts. And if you’re simply a client looking for fashionable shirts, you can also benefit from the cheapest prices here at Wordans.