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Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Buy long sleeves wholesale and retail at Wordans Canada

Cheap long sleeves can be worn by men and women, and they have been extremely popular for a very long time. These clothes are highly versatile and can be worn for many different occasions. If you’re in the market for long sleeves, you should consider shopping at our website, Wordans. Our online store has been running for a very long time and offers long sleeves for men and women. Let’s look at some reasons why you should buy shirts from this store.

You Will get the Best Prices

Many people expect high-quality clothes to be extremely expensive. That isn’t the case at Wordans. All wholesale long sleeves for women and men are cheap. Our company negotiates with top brands to ensure that it gets discounts for the products. Companies can especially get very low prices when they purchase shirts in bulk. To make a bulk purchase, you should choose the number of shirts you want before checking out. The lowest prices are reserved for people who buy more than 576 long sleeve shirts.

You Can Get Shirts in All Sizes

Anyone can get a long sleeve shirt in bulk that fits them at Wordans. The site stocks shirts in all sizes. These are small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. When making the purchase, you have to choose the size and quantity. The amount you pay will be determined by the total number of shirts you purchase. For example, you can buy 70 small-size shirts and 70 XL shirts, and the site will calculate a discount for 140 shirts.

The Shirts Can be Worn by Men, Women, and Kids

In Wordans we offer cheap long sleeves for men and women. You can also get unisex shirts, and these are ideal for companies. On the site, you will also get shirts for kids and babies. To filter the shirts by gender, you should hover the pointer on the ‘long sleeves’ category and choose your desired category.

You Can Get Long Sleeves in High-Quality Fabrics

The site stocks cotton shirts, and these are preferred for many reasons. Cotton shirts are extremely comfortable as they are stretchy and soft. They are also great options for people with sensitive skin. These cheap long sleeve shirts are highly durable. Given that they are all manufactured by reputable companies, you can expect the shirts to last for a very long time.

We also have poly-cotton-rayon mens long sleeve shirts on sale. These shirts are known for their strength and durability, and this is primarily attributed to the polyester fibers. These are tear-resistant and are even difficult to wrinkle. At the same time, these long sleeves are soft and comfortable as they still contain cotton fibers. Something else you’ll appreciate about poly-cotton-rayon long sleeves is their ability to wick away sweat.

Another option you’ll find in our store is the poly spandex long sleeve. These ones also have a set of useful benefits. They maintain good shape and don’t wrinkle. They also have excellent moisture wicking properties, meaning they can be worn in hot weather.

We Work with a Wide Range of Renowned Brands

At Wordans, companies and individuals can buy shirts from many popular clothing brands. One of these is Gildan, a brand that has been around for more than three decades. Gildan is famous for its cheap long sleeve shirts. Its pricing makes it easy for companies and teams to buy wholesale long sleeve shirts. without digging too much into their pockets.

You can also get clothes from Fruit of the Loom. This American brand is known all around the world and has become synonymous with quality and value. Not to mention its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Fruit of the Loom uses recycled materials and minimizes the amount of waste it disposes. This way, it lowers its carbon footprint, meaning you can enjoy a guilt-free purchase. As part of its ethical manufacturing policy, the brand doesn’t use sweatshops and instead pays its workers fairly.

Another brand that supplies cheap long sleeve shirts to Wordans is Rabbit Skins. This is the go-to company for people who are shopping for baby or kids’ clothes. Shirts from the company are blank, so you’re free to add your own designs and branding. Remember also that Rabbit Skins is famous for its soft and durable long sleeves.

Here are other brands you’ll find at Wordans:

You’ll Get Shirts in Many Different Styles

It is also worth noting that the site stocks shirts in many different styles and designs. A popular option is the V-neck long sleeve. These are popular because of how they elongate the neck and create a slimmer appearance. Most people also consider them a sophisticated way of showing off some skin.

You can also get scoopneck long sleeves at Wordans. These have rounded necklines which are wide enough to expose the neck area. They draw attention downwards and can be quite flattering on both men and women.

It’s also essential to check the sleeve design. At Wordans, you’ll find shirts with the raglan sleeve design, which extends in one piece to the collar bone. The main benefit of these sleeves is that they offer easier movement that the typical set in sleeve.

Most long sleeves feature the pullover design. If you want one with buttons, you should specify this preference when making your purchase. Shirts with buttons are easy to take on and off as you only need to open the buttons. Keep in mind that they can conveniently be worn in cold and hot conditions. If it gets too hot, you can open the buttons to allow for better air circulation.

You also need to specify whether you want a shirt with pockets. This feature can come in handy when you need to carry around a pen, keys, phones, and other similar items. Pockets are also stylish.

Another style you should consider is the hooded long sleeve shirt. The hood won’t just add style to your shirt; it will also help you stay warm when temperatures drop.

The Site Features Shirts of Many Different Colors

The other benefit of our store is that it stocks shirts in many different colors. The most popular options are:

Lots of people like black long sleeves as they are easy to pair with clothes and shoes of other colors. White offers the same benefit, and it also creates an impression of neatness. With so many options, you can easily find a color that matches your personality and style. Similarly, companies can find shirts that reflect their brands.

Our Shirts Can Be Customized

Wordans is the best place to shop for customizable cheap long sleeve shirts. You’ll find lots of blank shirts in our store. Even better, they’re designed with tear away tags. The benefit of these tags is that they can be removed without damaging the fabric, and you can then add your own branding. This is a great option for people who need to shop for cheap long sleeve shirts in bulk for their company teams. And the best part is that we have a team of experts who can customize the shirts for you.