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Wholesale Underwear

at Wordans Canada

Wordans is a leading B2B wholesaler brand. Throughout the years, we have worked long and hard to become the top wholesaler in Canada. Our objective is to ensure everyone can find quality clothing at the best prices. We offer a wide variety of products and garments, from over 40 brands, so that anyone can find clothing they like and can wear, regardless of their body shape and size. And now that we’re here, we want to keep growing and give this opportunity to as many people as possible in the world. We provide clothing to businesses as well as individual clients looking for stylish uni color apparel, and our fast delivery services allow us to reach a wide range of destinations in record time!

Do you run a retail business? Or are you simply someone looking for stylish, simple apparel ? Discover all there is to know about Wordan’s wholesale underwear and why they’re perfect for you.

Wordan’ wholesale underwear

Our underwear selection was specially composed to offer you all the qualities you look for in undergarments : quality, comfort, variety and adaptability for everyone. Read on and discover all our wholesale underwear selection !

Cheap & Quality underwear

At Wordans, quality is a major value we want to offer to all our customers, business and individual clients alike. We carefully selected brands for the quality and durability of their underwear, so that you can enjoy your comfortable undergarments for as long as possible.

A variety of fabrics

Not only are our underwear of quality and comfortable, but they also come in a variety of fabrics to choose from, so you can find what feels best on your skin. At Wordans, our most commonly used fabrics are cotton, polyester, nylon, but we also have items made of spandex blended with other fabrics. We particularly like cotton as it is quite breathable for your skin, is a natural fiber and will always be a good environmentally friendly option for those of you who worry about our planet. Some of our underwear also come in blends of various fibers. For instance, the brand Bella Canvas’ underwear is made of a blend of spandex and cotton, so that you can be comfortable, so that your skin may breathe and that your underwear may be stretchy enough to adapt to your movements and body shape (thanks to the spandex fibers).

Cheap underwear for everyone

Quality and fabric variety aren’t the only factors we hold on to at Wordans. As an underwear wholesaler, we also value the importance of having undergarments available in every size, so that everyone can find their perfect fit, regardless of their body shape and size. Our underwear sizes range from S to XL.

Have fun customizing your underwear

Who says you can’t have a little bit of fun designing your underwear? Not only can you create a unique model only you will have, but you can also create the design you want in many different ways. For instance, you could choose to simply pick a different color and add patterns to your fabric, or you could choose to embroider flowers, hearts or any other shape of your choice. You could also print an image, quote or logo onto your fabric.

The possibilities are all there ! You just have to try to find out what you’d love to wear the most. And that’s not all you’re limited to. You can also choose from a selection of different cuts for your undergarments: shorties, hipsters, high-waisted, etc… This piece is entirely yours to make. If you run a business in retail and also want to give your customers the opportunity to wear quality, fun and customizable apparel as well as offer them a large variety of clothing to choose from, then choose Wordans as your wholesale underwear and apparel provider.