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Burnout T-Shirts wholesale and retail

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Burnout T-Shirts wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

At Wordans we put a considerable amount of thought into our bulk burnout T-shirts range, as we try to ensure that our wholesale products still cater to as many tastes and needs as possible.

The two key factors most likely to influence the bulk burnout T-shirt offerings you select at Wordans are comfort and versatility.

Cheap Burnout T-Shirts at wholesale prices

The most comfortable and cheap Burnout T-Shirts in Canada are manufactured with a healthy blend of polyester and rayon, both of which invariably contribute to that soft-to-the-touch feeling.

With our products that soft-to-the-touch feeling isn’t just there when you first put your T-shirt on, but it will remain there even after you have worn our shirts over a sustained period. Wordans' best cheap  burnout T-Shirts usually strike a 50/50 balance between polyester and rayon.

The key takeaway regardless of whether you opt for a blend between rayon and polyester or a blend between cotton and rayon is that our products will allow you to be more active in both warm and humid climates, without comfort ever being compromised. That is because our cotton and rayon burnout T-Shirts are well ventilated (breathable) and absorbent.

An equally important consideration when purchasing bulk burnout T-Shirts from us is finding items that provide the right fit for you. Our burnout T-Shirts with a scoop neckline and Trim fashion cut will be a popular option for our female customers, as this usually contributes towards that slouchy fit that so many of our customers like. While comfort is the main driver here, there is also an aesthetic component to this that makes our burnout T-Shirts such a popular option.

Male customers will likely appreciate our crew necklines, which help promote that really snug fit and a little more flexibility, whether you are working or just working out.

Burnout T-shirts for multiple occasions and settings

Our cheap burnout T-Shirts are suitable for multiple occasions and settings. During the day, you will probably need to wear our T-Shirts with shorts and a set of sneakers, while jogging or just taking a brisk walk. However, Wordans T-Shirts are also an attractive option for some form of casual wear in the evenings.

During the evenings, men might be tempted to wear our T-Shirts with a pair of jeans and shoes, even when going out to eat. Women who buy our products will have the option of wearing our T-Shirts with jeans and sneakers, jeans and heels, or even a skirt with heels. You will not look out of place, regardless of which combination you run with, which speaks to the product’s versatility.

As an extension of versatility and comfort, we will also provide you with the option to purchase a burnout T-Shirt with either short or long sleeves, depending on what your exact needs might be.
The thermal sleeves on our burnout T-Shirt stocks are usually a compelling option because they do not compromise on style or comfort.

Wholesale Bulk Burnout T-Shirts From Us

The most compelling feature of the bulk burnout T-Shirts in Wordans stores is the sheer scale of the wholesale product range available to you. Our burnout T-Shirts are readily available in colors that range everywhere from light blue to safety green.

The color range will be determined by the type of T-Shirts you are looking for, especially the materials that they are made from. The more synthetic the T-Shirts, the more options are likely to be available in our stocks.

We are particularly proud of our tie-dye burnout T-Shirt options because no two of them will be exactly the same, which is more variety than you can possibly imagine.

For women looking to purchase our cheap burnout T-Shirts, the sizes usually range anywhere from small right through to large. For men, the size range expands right up to 4XL, so there are really T-Shirts for everybody here.