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Extreme T-Shirts wholesale and retail


Extreme T-Shirts wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Most of our Extreme T-Shirts, wholesale and retail, aren’t very extreme at all but are very useful. Wordans wholesale, cheap, and bulk T-shirts are in fact a healthy stock of polos, from various brands, designed to look and feel good on both men and women.
Wordans T-shirts wholesale and retail are generally magnificent, even if we are just talking about our cheap cotton t-shirt range. However, our extreme T-shirts take our clothing offering to a whole new level because they tick off so many boxes for our customers.

Wordans Wholesale Extreme T-Shirts Protect You From The Sun

All of our extreme T-shirts have a collar that can be lifted to cover the sides and back of your neck from the sun, which is great for Wordans customers shopping for a T-shirt they can use while playing sports like golf or even tennis, where you are often exposed to extreme heat conditions for sustained periods.
While most of our extreme T-shirts are designed with short sleeves, we do have items in our stock with long sleeves, which also protect your arms from the sun. Shirts like these will appeal to customers who enjoy playing sports like baseball and cricket, where you are out dealing with UV rays for hours at a time.
Wordans items are also designed to protect the actual T-shirts from the sun, as consistent or regular exposure can lead to discoloration and deterioration of the fabric on your clothes. This sort of thing becomes most apparent when you need to use and wash your T-shirts regularly.
However, because so many of our extreme T-shirts are designed with a predominantly polyester fabric blend, our T-shirts will be protected from that and general dirt, oil, and grime.
With other clothing fabrics, dirt and grime can be quite difficult to remove because they stain so badly. However, the application of just a little water and some soap is usually enough to do an adequate cleaning job when washing our extreme T-shirts.

Extreme T-Shirts Keep You Cool And Dry

Our extreme T-shirts are designed to help enhance performance in technical sports where you are also likely to be completely drenched in sweat. The worst possible thing that could happen to you on the tennis court is to have a racket slip out of your hand because of the sweat running down your arms like a river.
However, when you purchase Wordans Extreme T-shirts you can have peace of mind knowing that all of the moisture you generate during a match is pushed out to the outer surface of your shirt before it evaporates in the extreme heat that you are competing in. The technical term for this is moisture-wicking, where our extreme T-shirts will stick to your body but you will also remain cool and dry despite that.

They Are Extremely Comfortable

All of our extreme T-shirts are particularly light because of the dominant polyester influence. In most cases, we are talking about 100 percent polyester make-up. While this might seem like a negligible detail, being a little lighter than some of the other fabric items in our store can be the difference between comfort and discomfort.
Most of our extreme T-shirts can also either be button-up or zipper T-shirts, which means that you can allow more air to flow through, making your T-shirt more breathable. Some of our extreme T-shirts also have vents on the sides, which also help enhance that breathability.
Wordans extreme T-shirts that are well ventilated will become particularly useful when you are out on leisure activities like camping, hiking, and even boating, where you will constantly be exposed to the sun.

Wordans Cheap Extreme T-Shirts Are Versatile

While you are most likely to purchase our extreme T-shirts for leisure and sporting activities, there is absolutely no crime in buying these products to wear them to work or even to a social gathering.
Our extreme T-shirts go very well with a set of trousers or jeans, with our range of colors also making it possible to mix it up more often, depending on the style of pants that you have on.