Brown Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

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Brown Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Brown stands out as one of the most versatile colors to wear. Besides being a stable and reliable shade, its earthiness can be used as a substitute for the color black. Brown long sleeves can be paired with a long list of outfits for indoor and outdoor occasions. 

Wordans knows this and stocks a wide range of these brown long sleeves t-shirts for you to select from. You can trust our unmatched quality and variety.

Select from different options

When shopping for brown long sleeve t-shirts at Wordans, you are met with three distinct options. These include custom, high stock, and tear away. 

Custom t-shirts allow for full customization depending on your needs as an organization or an individual. On the other hand, high stock options are made with 100% quality material such as pre-shrunk cotton and the best threading.

If you are looking for brown long sleeve t-shirts for resell or starting your fashion line, the best option has to be the tear away tees

These t-shirts have tear away tags that are made from thin paper-like material which can easily be torn from the garment without affecting the t-shirts fabric. As such, if your goal is to start a custom apparel brand and relabel them, consider tear away.

All the shades of brown

Brown is often described as light or dark. We know that brands are different and the biggest identifiers are the colors. 

While two companies may use the color brown as their primary shade, the intensity may differ. For this reason, we have several options from reddish brown, beige, and dark brown. You get to choose what works best for your organization’s campaign.

Sizes to fit your intended wearers

No two bodies are the same. Even though a man and woman may share 2XL, it will have different features. Our size catalog is extensive to cater to different bodies and fits. When purchasing for a determined group, you can request everyone to include their sizes. They include:

  • XS.
  • S.
  • M.
  • L.
  • XL.
  • 2XL.
  • 3XL.
  • 4XL.
  • 5XL.

However, if the group is undetermined, feel free to include a few sizes of each size. Don’t forget to also include the gender definitions, brown long sleeves t shirts for men and brown long sleeves t shirts for women. This ensures that all your wearers find something to wear for your campaign.

Get the brand you love at Wordans

Wordans is a wholesale brand and we understand brand loyalty. We know how it feels to find your favorite brand when shopping for these brown long sleeves t-shirts in wholesale and retail. In our list of brands at Wordans, you will find names such as:

Buy brown long sleeves t shirts in bulk and retail

At Wordans, we welcome all clients. Whether you are purchasing one brown long sleeves t-shirt for your day-to-day use or a thousand pieces for an upcoming event or resale, you can trust us to deliver. 

Unlike other wholesale shops that may have a restriction on the number of items to include in your bulk order, we are free. You can purchase as many or as few t-shirts as you want.

Customize your wholesale brown long sleeves t shirts order

Even better, all the accessories and apparel at Wordans including the long sleeves brown t-shirts are blank and ready for customization. If you are buying them for a campaign or as promotional merchandise, it helps to have your details on it. Since they are blank, they are the perfect marketing canvas for your needs.

Whether you want to have a logo, campaign slogan, or company name on the t-shirts, we’ve got you covered. Simply send us your specifications and let us work on your brand dream!