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Short Sleeves Polo wholesale and retail.

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Buy Short Sleeve Polo Wholesale and Retail at Wordans

Short sleeve polo t-shirts are a popular option when dressing up. They provide the wearer with a sporty yet sophisticated outlook. As such, they are very suitable for semi-formal and casual events. Organizations usually use them as uniforms or for promotional merchandise to their esteemed customers. At Wordans, we recognize the stylishness of these short sleeve polo t-shirts and have brought them to you in an excellent collection. Visit our website and get your team that polo aesthetic.

Get Cheap Short Sleeve Polo

Our prices at Wordans are the cheapest for short sleeves polo t-shirts across the globe. We have made it possible for you to buy wholesale and retail at the lowest rates without sacrificing the quality or standards. We believe everyone should be able to buy cheap short sleeve polo regardless of their budget.

Select from a Rich Variety

At Wordans, we pride ourselves on having unlimited short-sleeved polo t-shirts for our clients. We know that each has different specifications and requirements, and this is our drive to stock up the shop. Here are some products you can find while shopping at Wordans for short-sleeved polos.


The gender specifications matter a lot when buying clothes. When buying for yourself, making a settlement for an item can be very easy. However, when purchasing for a team, it requires more particularity. We stock our short sleeve polos in different genders. When buying in bulk for your men’s team, you can check our men’s selection of polos. The same happens for women and kids.

However, if you are getting them for an indefinite group of people, you may need to look into our unisex collection. Each of these categories is packed and will offer you variety.


Over the years of doing business, we have partnered with some of the most reputable fashion industry brands. This makes us able to bring more variety to your needs. You can shop by brands such as:

If you are loyal to one of the above brands, you don’t have a reason not to shop with us. For your wholesale order, you are at liberty to mix up the brands and try them out. You never know what becomes your new favorite for the short-sleeved polo t-shirts.


Our extensive range of colors ensures you can get the short-sleeved polo to resonate with your brand. For instance, if your brand mostly uses green and you are looking for an organization’s uniform, your best shot lies at getting green short sleeve polos. You can choose from the most vibrant colors to the classy and quiet shades. They include:

Additional Features

Our collection of short-sleeved polo t-shirts also comes with additional features that you can choose from depending on your preference. One of the most common features is the pocket. The pocket will be indispensable if your intended wearers constantly need to carry cards or a pen. It may also be perfect for aesthetics.

Order in Short Sleeve Polo Wholesale and Retail

Making bulk short sleeve polo purchases can be daunting, especially when there is a limit on the number of items you can procure. To offer you flexibility, we do not impose minimums or maximums on our wholesale orders. This means that you can buy as many or as little short-sleeved polos as you desire.

To make your short-sleeved polo shopping experience even better, we offer discounts and massive savings on bulk purchases. Visit our official Wordans website today and see how much we care!