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Men Fleece Jackets wholesale and retail

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Men Fleece Jackets wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Finding men fleece jackets on wholesale can seem like a daunting experience. Most people need them for their workout team, organization, or even for resale purposes. With Wordans, you don’t have to worry anymore! We are an online wholesaling store for apparel and accessories. Whether you want to dress your men's team or buy a few items for an upcoming event, we've got it all. Here is why you can trust us!

Buy Men Fleece Jackets Cheap

Like bodies, we know that no two organizations are financially alike. As such, we have the cheapest rates in the market for our fleece jackets. While some brands may seem pricier than others, we can assure you that we have the lowest prices for uncompromised quality. Visit our website today and place your order for cheap fleece jackets for men!

Choose from a Variety

As a wholesale company, we have a wide range of men fleece jackets for you. It all depends on your preferences and needs. This section explores some categories you can shop under while at Wordans.


Our range of men's fleece jackets comes in different materials. You can choose from poly fleece, poly spandex, and polyester. Your choice depends entirely on how comfortable the fabric feels on your skin.

When buying for a group of people, such as your men's fitness team, you can ask them for their preferred material beforehand. This makes it easy for everyone to get what they prefer most. However, if the group is predetermined, feel free to mix a number of each material in your men fleece jackets bulk order.


We also stock men's fleece jackets from different brands to suit your preferences. If you are loyal to Columbia, we assure you that you will find the jackets on our website. Other brands you will find at Wordans include:


We focus on bringing different colours to resonate with your personality, course, or business. For instance, if the men fleece jackets are to be used for your men's gym group, having a common colour will intensify the unity. If the activities will be outdoors, having the same colour will make it easier for you to identify each other.

On the other hand, if your business' theme colour is blue, having your employees' fleece jackets in the same colour acts as a uniform. You get to choose what appeals most or resonates with your business.


No two bodies are similar. We understand the differences and provide you with an array of men's fleece jackets in various sizes. This ensures everyone gets the right fit and feels comfortable in their jackets. The available sizes include:

If the group is already formed, you can always request the involved parties to send you their preferred sizes. However, mixing up the sizes is a great idea if you are getting them for a promotional event. Remember that most men wear M, L, and XL.

Buy Men Fleece Jackets Wholesale and Retail

We accept wholesale and retail orders to cater to all our clients. Since we do not impose a minimum on the number of jackets you order, you can request the exact number of fleece jackets you want for your team. Whether you are a thousand or six of you, we can handle your order.

Even better, men fleece jackets bulk orders attract massive discounts. We know that it can be expensive to buy wholesale, and we endeavour to make it simpler for you. To order men's fleece jackets in bulk, contact our sales team for assistance.