Black Insulated Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Black Insulated Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Look no further than the selection of quality black insulated jackets for men and women when the temperatures outside take a turn for the worse. For work, for play, and for everything in between, the team at Wordans always aims to provide our customers with the best options on the market.

One of our most popular garment categories is this line of black insulated jackets, and for good reason. Not only are there many styles and designs to choose from, but a host of built-in features will offer a decidedly personalized touch. Let's examine how these jackets are particularly appealing to wholesale buyers.

Our collection of black insulated jackets in bulk

It is first important to mention the utilitarian nature of these black jackets. We are all aware of the (unfortunate) fact that Canadian winters are less than forgiving on occasion. It therefore makes sense to purchase outerwear that has been proven to withstand the harshest of elements.

Still, wholesalers are just as interested in price points so that they can maximize their return on investment (ROI). This is why Wordans offers a range of options to choose from; a nice touch for those who wish to keep a close eye on their budget.

Wholesale black insulated jackets for a variety of applications

Every jacket should be capable of addressing various purposes. This is when functionality comes into play. While climate concerns are obviously important, we have placed an equal emphasis upon style and sophistication. After all, there is certainly nothing wrong with turning heads while out and about.

The Ultimate Men's Cold Weather Parka manufactured by Heritage is a prime example of what users can expect. Not only will this jacket provide an effective thermal barrier from low temperatures, but it offers several built-in features. These include 100 percent nylon fabric, a waterproof rating of 3,000 millimeters, a wind-resistant finish, and a detachable hood.

Black insulated jackets for women and men: The importance of branding

Wordans has aimed to work with the most recognised clothing brands since our company was first launched in 2017. We are therefore very proud to work with the best in the business. Some of the names that you will find throughout our line of black insulated jackets include:

Still, remember that all of their garments are offered at rock-bottom prices that are simply not possible to encounter when dealing with standard retailers.

The devil is in the details

Similar to the variety of brands that Wordans is pleased to offer, it is equally logical to provide all of our clients with a plethora of customisation options. Why settle for generic when so many choices are available with a single click? Here are some typical examples:

  • Jacket sizes (ranging from XS to 5XL).
  • The type of fabric (such as polyester or nylon).
  • Exterior treatments.
  • Accessories including zippers, pockets, and hoods.
  • Prices.

Although these black insulated jackets tend to be the flagship models found within this category, we should highlight that other colors such as red, blue, and green are also available.

Are you hoping to get out of the cold in style? Might you instead need to purchase black jackets in bulk for commercial or marketing purposes? If so, Wordans is equipped with a host of targeted solutions. Please examine this category in more detail or contact us to place an order today.