Gray Softshell Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Gray Softshell Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Black is a color that exudes confidence and authority. People who wear black are thought to show a sense of courage and challenge. In clothes, black is flattering and blends in well with most outfits. Whether you are getting the jackets for your business or yourself, you can never go wrong with black. 

At Wordans, we know the value of variety and stock a good range of black softshelled jackets for your needs. You can trust us to deliver!

Excellent range of black softshell jackets

We have been in the industry selling accessories and clothes in bulk for some time. During this time, we partnered with some of the most reputable brands in the market for black softshelled jackets. Whether you want jackets from new or established brands, you can be sure to get high-quality options at Wordans. They include:

For your wholesale order, you can mix a few items of each brand to suit different preferences. However, if you are loyal to one brand, we have no limitations on the number of black softshell jackets you can purchase. Visit our website and place your order for the jackets today!

Black softshell jackets for men and women

Do you need women or men black softshell jacket pieces for your campaign? Bulk orders mean that you are buying for a large group of people. 

If you are looking for women’s options, you can easily select only women's pieces. On the other hand, if the group is mixed, you have the option of getting men’s, women’s, and unisex pieces. The latter ensures that all the involved parties get their ideal fits.

Discover our fabrics

When selecting clothes, most people consider the fabrics and sizes as they determine how comfortable you will be. Since the jackets will be in contact with part of the skin, it is important to us that you get an array of the best materials for jackets. You can select from poly spandex, polyester, and 100% polyester.

Make your orders choosing different sizes

As mentioned above, the size dictated how the jackets fit the wearer’s body. If you are buying black softshells for a known group of people, you should request them for their sizes. Our sizing chart for the jackets is inclusive for the small and large-bodied people. Choose from:

For campaigns and unknown groups, we allow you to mix up the sizing to cater to the intended crowds. Remember that most people fall under the M and XL category when it comes to jackets.

Buy black softshell jackets in bulk

At Wordans, we treat all our customers equally. Even though we are an online shop for wholesale black softshell jackets, we also allow you to place retail orders. The wholesale orders suit organizations and companies looking for uniforms while the retails are for those looking to purchase single pieces.

We know how expensive it can get to get the softshell jackets in bulk. Due to this, we have huge discounts and massive sales for wholesale orders. As for retail, we do not impose any limitations on how many pieces one can get. You can trust us to deliver regardless of the number of black softshells you order at Wordans.

Customize your wholesale black softshell jackets

When most people purchase black softshells in bulk, they are often for campaigns or merchandise. We know how important branding is for your business and assure you that all our apparel and accessories are blank and customizable. 

They are the ideal surface for your logos, company names, and campaign slogans. With these jackets, you can bring all your ideas to life and take your brand to the next level!