Green Women Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Green Women Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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The cold weather is fast approaching, and your customers are looking for quality sweats and fleece to keep them warm. It is a great time to offer them high-quality, green women's sweats from Wordans. Wordans is an online apparel seller that sells t-shirts and other clothing to stores in bulk. Here is a quick review of the green women sweats and fleece available for your market and why you should have them in stock.

Why Green?

Green is a cool color that blends well outdoors. During the cold weather, it can be worn with most casual and formal attire, allowing women to look fashionable while staying warm. There are several hues of green, from light green to jungle tone, which makes a great choice for people who would like several items. You can check out other colors at Wordans and include them in your next bulk order for green sweats.

Stock Various Fabrics

There are several fabrics and blends for green women's sweats and fleece. A majority of them are cotton and their blends. Cotton is warm, easy to maintain, and can handle foul, cold weather without degenerating. The full list of fabrics from which you can stock the green sweats and fleece includes 100% polyester, 100% cotton, acrylic, > 80% cotton, 50% cotton - 50% polyester, poly fleece, and poly microfleece.

Your customers can also select fabrics according to their characteristics, such as performance and weight. High-performance options are ideal for cold-weather outdoor activities or adventurous trips. In addition, weight ratings help your customers determine the best sweats for keeping them warm during the cold weather. Fleece with a weight of over 290 g/m2 is the heaviest and best for the coldest weather. Sweats weighing less than 270 g/m2 are suitable for casual wear.

Other cheap options are available for sweatshirt materials, including customizable fleece, high-stock materials, and organic types. The organic ones are great for the hypersensitive and those allergic to various elements. On the other hand, the highly customizable options are great for people who would like to print or dye their fleece materials. Most of the cotton and high-cotton blends are great for customization.

All the materials are easy to clean, press, and maintain. A label on the inside provides instructions for cleaning the fleece and sweats. Fortunately, most of these fabrics do not require any special care and can be machine-washed.

Select Cheap Sweats from a Variety of Designs

There are several sweats designs available for your customers. The most popular ones are the zippered types. These types are easy to layer during relatively warm weather, as customers will just need to open the zipper. This style is more versatile, as it can be worn even during warm weather to enhance other clothing.

Other common styles include the front pocket ones, where users can place their hands during the cold weather to keep warm. Many of these types also come with a hood to cover the user’s head. The hoodie is also a great fashion item for most young women.

Wholesale Green Sweats Come in Various Sizes

It is good to cater to the needs of the entire market if you target the general population. To this end, consider having sweats for every size. Our green sweats are available in sizes small through to 6XL. If you target a specific age group, such as teens, you can choose the size that best matches their needs.

At Wordans, there are green womens sweats & fleece of all sizes, styles, and characteristics sourced from leading clothing companies, including Bella+Canvas, Champion, Core 365, Devon & Jones, Gildan, Harriton, KS, Next Level, and Radsow. Make your order today and start selling quality apparel to your clients.