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S T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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What To Know When Purchasing Wholesale S T-shirts

Globally, t-shirts are among the most popular garments - you can find them in just about anyone's closet. The small size (s) t-shirt is especially popular because of its form-fitting design, which provides a flattering and comfortable appeal.

For this reason, Wordans, the largest wholesale blank apparel company in Canada, offers a wide array of wholesale small size t-shirts.

The value of unisex options

While they share the same size label, the sizes of t-shirts usually differ based on gender labeling. This means that small t-shirts for men may not be the exact size as small t-shirts for women.

Notably, we offer unisex sizing, shirts designed for both men and women interchangeably. This is especially the case for basic and popular products like t-shirts, including small sized shirts. So, instead of getting separate products for female and male clientele, you can opt for unisex products. Doing so will save you money and time - making things easier for both you and your clients.

You can get cheap wholesale s t-shirts

The best thing about purchasing wholesale apparel is that you get to enjoy affordable prices. Purchasing cheap Small t-shirts allows you to maximize on profits if you resale the products or use them for other purposes. Notably, our low prices do not mean low quality. Wordan’s products offers high quality products at incredibly low prices to give you the best value in Canada.

Know your clientele

Understanding your client base - their demographic composition - is worth noting. What is their age group? What cultures do they identify with? In what context will they use the shirts for? Whether you are buying t-shirts for your staff, branding purposes, or business re-sale, understanding your consumer's wants and needs will determine your ability to successfully get the most out of your purchase.

When selecting your order, we advise that you select color that match your purposes. Do the shirts need to stand out, or timelessly fit in? If you want to stand out, consider loud, bright colors. However, if it's the latter, we suggest toned down colors like black, white and gray. The key is to meet your needs by understanding them.

Get acquainted with the products

Whenever you want to purchase products in wholesale, it's important to know what to expect - especially in the case of online platforms. Thus, we recommend our clients sample the products they are interested in, so you can identify what you like, what works, and what doesn't. In other words, you will be able to test the shirts first hand - their color, size, fit, stretch, stitching, and any other details you deem relevant.

Understanding the products before making a huge order can alleviate stress and ensure that you get products that meet your desires and expectations. This is particularly true if you are considering buying more than one of our products wholesale. For instance, perhaps you are looking to see what pairs well with a jacket or hoodie.

All that said, we would like to remind you that you can always learn more about the products by looking at the product specs or talking to customer service reps for specific details. Learning more about the products will fill you in on the different designs and fits.

Buy your T-shirts at Wordan’s

Wordan’s is a fantastic platform to purchase wholesale S t-shirts. The company provides options for women, men, kids, and unisex preferences. Each t-shirt is customizable by color, design, and brand. More so, Wordan’s products boast impeccable quality.

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