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Children wholesale and retail

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Buy Children Wholesale and Retail at Wordans

Buying children's clothes can be a daunting experience, especially when you want them on a wholesale basis. At Wordans, we know how tough this can be and have brought you a wide range of children's clothes to resonate with your needs. Whether you are hosting a birthday party for children and want them wearing uniformly or running a kids’ promo, we’ve got you covered. Visit our website and see how much variety we have for children’s wholesale.

Clothing Variety

We recognize the need to have various outfits for your children. As such, we stock a considerable range of children wholesale options for your little ones. Here are a few that you can shop by.


Like in adult clothes, some outfits and accessories fit baby boys better than baby girls. If you are running a promotion involving baby girls and want outfits for them, leaning towards the baby girls section will offer you more products to select from. However, if you are not bound by gender, you can also go for unisex pieces at children wholesale rates.


The size is an important aspect of how well a garment fits the wearer. At Wordans, we know the right fit is important to you and pride ourselves on bringing variety to your children. Similar to adults, two children may be the same age but have very different body features. Our selection of sizes is broad to fit different preferences, including:

Besides the sizes, we also have garments in different fabrics. While the human adult skin is a little sensitive, the children’s is very susceptible to rashes when exposed to unfamiliar material. We understand this complexity and stock the children wholesale clothes in different materials to appeal to different users. You can mix up the different types so that if some prefer cotton, polyester, or blends, they can find them.


Our range of children’s clothes cannot be complete without mentioning brands. Having been in the industry for over seven years, we have mastered our craft and partnered with some of the most reputable brands. On our list of clothes, you will find new and established names as you shop for children’s wholesale outfits. They include:

Buy Cheap Children Wholesale and Retail

What is your budget for the bulk children wholesale order? People place wholesale orders for different reasons. The most common one is for business staffing, promotional purposes, or as merchandise for reselling.

If your organization has an event that requires children’s clothes wholesale, you may be on a budget or crunch to get the best and still save. We understand this dilemma and ensure you can get the best prices in the market. We do this without compromising the quality of the products on our website.

Get Your Bulk Children Wholesale Clothes and Accessories Customized

At Wordans, we are proud to say that all the products on our website are blank and customizable. This means that they serve as a blank canvas for your creativity. If you are buying them for a children’s event, you can have them customized and imprinted with your organization’s mission, logo, and name. This works wonders for sponsors and events who may want to support your cause.

We have a team of customization experts ready to take on your personalization requests. They are experienced in screen printing and embroidery, thus a perfect fit for your children’s outfits. Simply communicate what you want, and let us craft it for you!