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Wholesale T-shirts in Winnipeg

Do you sell clothing, run a fashion shop, or have a boutique? Wordans would like to sell you quality tee shirts for your customers. Discover our t-shirts to buy in bulk in Winnipeg for customers with various body sizes, genders and style preferences. All our t-shirts are blank, allowing your customers to match them with any outfit they wish or customize them according to their preferences. We ensure that our t-shirts are made of high-quality materials, well-styled and threaded so that your customers can wear them comfortably for an extended period. In addition, we provide care instructions for each t-shirt so that it remains in good condition with repeated use. the options below and pick the ones that best define your target market.

Variety of wholesale t-shirt styles

Give your customers a wide choice of styles to match their requirements, functions, and occasions. We have various popular styles that you can add to your stock: polo, camo, scoop neck, V-neck, and tank tops. There are also burnout and Henley t-shirt styles in stock. These styles are available in most sizes and across all genders. We have t-shirts in Winnipeg with either long or short sleeves. In addition, some of the steels include a front pocket or a zipper for functionality or to enhance their styles. The t-shirts come in various colors and materials to give your customers the exact characteristics they want.

The T-shirts come in various fabric choices

The fabric of a t-shirt determines how it is worn, cleaned, and stored, as well as any customization that can be done to it. Some colors and prints would not work well with some materials. As a result, we offer our tee-shirts in a variety of fabric options, allowing customers to select the one that best suits their needs.

Some of the fabric options available include polyester, cotton, cotton and polyester blends, and tri-fabric blends. We also sell t-shirts made of cotton-knit fabric, poly spandex, pique cotton and polyester-viscose blends. There are several other blends in stock.

These fabrics have different capabilities and care requirements, which dictate when they can be worn. Your customers can choose our t-shirts based on these conditions and capabilities, such as UPF sun protection, high performance in extreme weather, anti-crease qualities, and snag resistance.

We encourage our customers to stock various fabrics to reach a broad customer base. However, you can order specific fabrics for groups or special occasions as ordered by your customers. We shall deliver based on quality or specific fabric requirements.

Pick a T-shirt for any gender or size

If you sell apparel for a specific gender or age, such as kids' clothing, men's wear, women's clothing, or babywear, we have such t-shirt options in stock. We also sell unisex t shirts that can be worn by any gender comfortably.

We have different t-shirt sizes, ranging from small to about 6XL, along with various fitting options. Each size comes with multiple styles, colors and fabric choices so that your customers have numerous options to pick from. Therefore, it is good that you include these options in your order to enhance your sales volume.

The leading brands in stock for Winnipeg bulk order

Our wholesale t-shirts in Winnipeg come from the leading apparel brands in the market. We sell t-shirts from brands such as Team 365, Rabbit Skins, America Apparel, Puma Sport, Harriton, Golf, Extreme and Jerzees. Our online store also has t-shirts from popular fashion designers such as Threadfast, Fruit of the Loom, North End, Black Activewear and Under Armour.

We check every batch before it leaves our stores to ensure that it has high-quality t-shirts and meets your order specifics. Besides, before any brand makes it to our catalog, we check its performance over time to determine if it meets our standards.

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Front page description by Bill Medhurst
The front page of product G2300 doesn't mention that it's a "Pocketed T-shirt. I found it only by looking closely at pictures. I'm not complaining about the pocket, quite the contrary, the pocket is what I'm looking for and I'm so pleased I found it on your sight. I've ordered a couple of these T-shirts and, once I've verified quality, will definitly be ordering more for personal use. Thanks much! Great site!
Comfortable by Gerrit
Was delivered very quickly and is a very comfortable fit in the larger size.
nice shirts by Al
Polo Shirts by Judith Gillatt
Excellent quality and service. The polos fit perfectly.
Perfect by Rebecca Gosling
Super soft, great compliments of quality.


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