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Are you searching for a perfect place to buy wholesale apparel in Ottawa? Search no more! Wordans is one of the best places to visit. We, at Wordans, deal with almost every clothing, from polo shirts, sweatpants, winter coats, and fashion t-shirts to hoodies. Regardless of the clothing product, you are looking for, Wordans guarantee fast delivery and the best price possible. When you want to buy anything in our shop, you can access Wordans’ website for any concerns or questions. Make Wordans your number one fashion shop while in Ottawa! Continue to read below to learn more about wholesale t shirts Ottawa from Wordans.

How can you define Wholesale t-shirt buying in Ottawa

Buying in wholesale or bulk means purchasing a large quantity of a certain product. Most t-shirt selling shops work at a discounting price when selling wholesale goods. Wordans is one of the best shops to buy bulk t-shirts in Ottawa to get lower prices in exchange for larger quantities. Therefore, clients will be able to fulfill their customers’ t-shirt demands at a lower price hence making a profit per purchase. But is purchasing t-shirts Ottawa in bulk the best thing in the long run? Below are some of the importance of buying bulk t-shirts from Wordans.

Advantage of using Wordans for buying bulk t shirts Ottawa


Cost is one of the biggest reasons you need to visit Wordans to buy bulk t shirts in Ottawa. The more you buy, the less you pay for them. Wordans will offer you a discount when you make larger orders on t shirts. Ensure to talk to wordans’ customer support team about any concern or any question regarding your bulk purchases and discount to be on the safer side. It is not a must to buy all t-shirts of the same style, brand, size, or color when going for bulk purchases from Wordans. You can mix brands like alternative apparel and fruit of the loom or ash city vintage, champion, and blank active-wear. Once you have talked to the customer support team, go back and plan what works best for you in terms of the price per t-shirt and purchasing number.


Wordans understand how important it is for small businesses to achieve a high-profit margin. Buying wholesale t-shirts in Ottawa will enable you to get your apparel (mainly blank t-shirts) at a lower price and resell it at a much higher yet normal price to your customers. You will still make huge profits even when you sell individual tee shirts in Ottawa at a discount price. Customers are always attracted to lower prices, hence more sales for you. Win-win situation!


Instead of spending all your day moving from one shop to another to buy different brands of t shirts in Ottawa, visit wordans to buy bulk t shirts. Purchasing t shirt in bulk will allow you to order everything you need at once. It is advised to stick to one color of t shirt for every design. Therefore, you can buy them in bulk and fulfill your order before printing. You can set a minimum order if you have a print shop or buy common sizes and colors in bulk. You may face some challenges at first, but if done right, you will save time and money when buying bulk t-shirts from Wordans.

Free shipping

Enjoy free shipping on large orders. For other orders, Wordans charges depending on different factors like location and weight at the lowest shipping price. We work hard to ensure timely delivery to the customers. In case you miss your delivery in the stipulated time, Wordans’ customer care team will try to check the problem and ensure it will never happen again.

In a nutshell

It is time to start buying wholesale t shirts in the city of Ottawa to save time and money while taking your profit margins to the next level. You will not only save time and money on t-shirts but shipping costs and time. Start ordering your bulk t-shirt from Wordans!

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Bf tee is my favourite! by Crystal
I love Next Level Shirts! So soft. Multiple colour options. Perfect for putting vinyl on.
Very flattering fit, but sized on the small side by Erika
I actually ordered a 2XL a while ago, and it was too fitted for my tastes. Then I had a serious health scare and wound up losing +40lbs, and at 140lbs, it's become my favorite t-shirt. It's incredibly flattering. Guess in sum, it's a great t-shirt - but people *might* want to order a size or two smaller, depending on how you like your shirts to fit?
Excellent product and service by Susan
T-shirt just as described. Great quality and shipping was timely. Thanks!
Very good by Albina
The delivery was very quick and the product was great for our purposes! Really good price! I would prefer light weight shirts though.
Way too small by Justin
Just had my order of 95 various sizes delivered today. Super soft and perfect color, but unless you are a super slim model walking the runway in Paris fashion week stay away, the sizes are not made for real people. The 2xl fits more like a Large, some people might like to wear it tight but not my clientele. Too expensive to return, I should have checked the reviews prior to ordering. The picture is a 2xl resting on top of a men's gildan M G220 tabletop.


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