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Wholesale T-shirts in Québec

Purchasing Wholesale T-shirts in Québec

Wordans is one of the largest Business to Business apparel and accessory wholesalers. Clients gravitate towards Wordans because of the quality of its products and its discount policy. While the company deals with various apparel and accessories, its wholesale t-shirts are popular in Quebec.

Here are some things you must consider when purchasing wholesale T-shirts in Québec


The quality of wholesale tees is one of the most vital elements you must consider. The global t-shirt market is currently experiencing a significant rise. While this is good for buyers and sellers, it also poses the risk of low-quality products as businesses struggle to compete and offer low prices. So, when purchasing wholesale tees, you need to ensure the quality is not lacking. The last thing you want is to end up with defective products or lose your clients due to low-quality products. You can be sure of the quality of the products by inspecting them before the purchase, reading reviews, and researching. Choosing a trusted supplier, like Wordans, may also help.

Fabrics Used

When assessing the t-shirts before purchasing them, one of the top elements you should consider is the fabric. The quality of the fabric is as important as its construction. The most common materials for t-shirts are:

Cotton- this is a natural material loved for its breathability and comfort. Cotton is a soft fabric that absorbs moisture and does not wrinkle easily.
Rayon- this is a natural material sourced from wood pulp. It is soft, drapey, and incredibly comfortable.
Polyester- this is a synthetic material known for its wrinkle resistance. It is also quite warm and comfortable.
Blend- this is a combination of various materials (natural and synthetic)

When choosing a suitable fabric, it would be wise to consider the pros and cons of all your options. It is worth mentioning that the fabric usually influences the cost of wholesale t-shirts. For instance, a cheap material may be of low quality. However, it would be wise to spend slightly more on good products than the contrary.


Something else worth considering is the variety. You may be shocked to discover the numerous types of t-shirt designs, from crew necks to baby tees and others. Additionally, there are many colors and materials. So, when purchasing t-shirts wholesale, it would be wise to go for various options, depending on your client base or your intended purpose for the t-shirts.

Don’t forget about the sizes

When purchasing wholesale t-shirts, you should always consider the sizes. The last thing you want is to get too many t-shirts in the same size. Doing so will limit your business because it implies that you will only sell to clients with specific body sizes. So, it would be wise to choose various sizes. Also, research your target market beforehand to base your sizing choices on the information you gather.

Cheap Prices

While most people associate high prices with quality, this is not always the case. You can get high-quality t-shirts at low prices. Purchasing in bulk also helps with the prices. However, it would be wise to compare the costs of the tshirts according to various suppliers so you can make the right choice.

The brand also matters

You should also note that not all brands are equal. Some brands are more popular and have better products than others. So, it would be wise to pick a brand or more, depending on your target market. Wordans offers more than 40 brands from Gildan to Rabbit Skins. So, you have numerous options to consider.

Even with all other elements in check, you still need a good wholesaler for the t-shirts. When choosing a wholesaler, you should consider one that is established and has a positive reputation. Additionally, consider the prices and company policies. Choosing a wholesaler that can guarantee various options in one place would also be wise. Wordans is a great wholesale t-shirt supplier in Québec because it checks all the boxes.

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Soft Tees! by Jude
Really nice, soft hand on these tees. In comparison to the classic Gildan heavy cotton tees, I actually prefer these for the softer hand they have.
Bf tee is my favourite! by Crystal
I love Next Level Shirts! So soft. Multiple colour options. Perfect for putting vinyl on.
Great T-shirt by MTLer
Have bought this t-shirt multiple times in black and white. Used as an undershirt for work and for physical activity. Soft and comfortable. Will be buying some more in the near future.
Great product by Sharon
Fabulous shirts, we used red sharpies and all did our own version of Canada flags and our 150th Birthday in Canada. A great family reunion memory!
Owner by
I would like to resale your product in ivory coast Gildan 640 and turquoise ? If you have please contact me i would require samples of Both and prices i am presenly in Montreal and Will be leaving in october for Africa


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