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Crewneck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Crewneck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

What would you rather have? A comfortable outfit or looking good? What if we told you that at Wordans you can have both. Especially for this time of life. Working from home has become increasingly popular. Even though people are now more likely to work in the office again, the amount of people who regularly work from home has increased significantly. This is the perfect opportunity to put on a fashionably comfortable outfit. With our wide range of colors, sizes, models, and brands, you can put together your perfect comfy outfit. For yourself or your own store. Read more about our wholesale of crew neck sweats.

How to style crew neck sweats?

Nowadays, a sweatshirt is often not associated with slouchy or unkempt anymore. There are very many ways to style this garment and look hip. Combine a sweatshirt with a nice pair of jeans or make it casual chic by wearing it with slacks. For those warm days when it cools down in the evening, wearing an oversized sweatshirt on a skirt and high boots is also very fashionable. If you still want to go for the ultimate in comfort? Wear a sweatshirt on matching sweatpants, add nice sneakers or heels and finish it off with some jewelry.

What to do with blank crewnecks ?

Wordans is a wholesale supplier for crew neck sweaters, therefore you can pick an item for yourself or buy crew neck sweaters in bulk to resell. Because we sell our items blank, you have the option of personalizing them entirely to your liking. To support this as much as possible we make sure that the sweaters are available in many colors. Choose an image, a logo, or create a text and you would have a completely personalized sweater that matches your brand.

Why our wholesale in crew neck sweats could be a good option

Different models

There are many reasons why Wordans is a good pick. Being a wholesale distributor in Canada for crewnecks and other countries, we understand the importance of meeting the different needs of different customers. For example, we have crewneck sweaters adapted to each season. From a thicker fabric to a thin fabric, with or without a hood, from a zipper to no zipper. You can choose from many models to select the most practical crewnecks for yourself or your customers.

Several fabrics to choose from

Our blank crewnecks are available for purchase for yourself or your business in Canada in many fabrics. Do you prefer polyester, cotton, or nylon? Our products are for sale in over 10 different types of materials. We even have waterproof and snag-resistant sweaters. In short, you can create it just the way you like it or buy a blank crewneck in your favorite material.


You can choose how many pieces of a product you want to buy. In order to help you best and as quickly as possible, we have indicated under product information how much discount you will get per quantity, as well as how much of something we have in stock. Furthermore, you can see the difference between our prices and the normal retail prices. This is a nice indication for you if you want to resell these blank sweaters to your own customers. To conclude, are you looking for a wholesaler for blank crew necks in Canada? Then you have come to the right place. With its many wearing options and the importance of comfortable clothing, a crew neck will fit into any closet. Personalized or not? In any case, you have the choice of many models, colors, and sizes. Something for everyone, for your customers, and for yourself.