Green Kids Short Sleeve T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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Green Kids Short Sleeve T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Wordans provides convenient clothing options for businesses wanting to add color to their collection. Our shop's kids short sleeve t-shirts are suitable for school, playtime, or events. Kids prefer the green color as a favorite, which makes them one of our best sellers.

A combination of functionality and fabric

Long-lasting premium materials

Our quality fabrics are durable and comfortable for children of all ages. We use breathable, gentle materials on the skin, including 100% cotton and soft cotton blends ideal for active children.

Our fabric blends are laundered to assure businesses of their longevity. We are proud to ensure kids get sporty material options like: 

  • Rayon. 
  • Cotton.
  • Polyester jersey knit. 
  • Recycled polyester.
  • Airlume.
  • Poly-cotton rayon. 

These materials provide support and comfort to the kids, allowing them to move with ease.

Easy care and maintenance

Our clothes are low-maintenance with machine washing. Their properties increase their value since they protect your customers kids from harmful rays, and keep them dry even when they sweat. Our brands' advantageous properties include:

  • Moisture-wicking.
  • Dryer friendly.
  • Antimicrobial features.
  • UV protection.

Their reinforced stitching and high-density fabrics withstand frequent washes and the intense activities that children engage in.

Color retention

Our apparel's cationic dyes assure parents that the garments retain their shape and color for a long time. Fabric choices like polyester blends have enhanced performance for sports activities and outdoor use for your kids. Schools profit from the green kids short sleeve t-shirts that serve as uniforms for team members.

Sustainable production

Our collection is filled with eco-friendly options aligning with wastewater treatment regulations. The brands use recycling programs and ethical cotton farming practices to produce environmentally conscious clothing.

Versatility in customization

Creative canvases

Our green kids short sleeve t-shirts provide a blank slate to fill with kids designs. Your retail store has the liberty to input trendy characters that appeal to girls, including floral patterns, cute animal illustrations, and their favorite movie characters like princesses and fairies.

The boys options could include cartoon graphics, action figure franchises, cars, sports images, and even their favorite video game icons. Your school and sports teams opt to input their logos and emblems to show their brand identity with our shop's offerings.

Print green kids short sleeve t-shirts in bulk

Digital printing and direct-to-garment are rapid ways to imprint art and designs on your kids short sleeve t-shirts. Personalize the clothes using embroidery and screen printing for a lasting impact. Wordans allows design adjustments and previews before you make a bulk order.

Stock on high-quality apparel with Wordans and get cost-effective pieces for your schools, camps, and companies. Our shop's wholesale green kids short sleeve t-shirts are a good investment in quality clothing while staying within your budget.

Brand and design variety

Wordans collaborates with trusted brands that produce baby-friendly clothes. These include: 

The style options include side seams, open cuffs and waists, seamless collars, double-stitched sleeves, waist hems, baby rib-knit set-in collars, and stitched and taped necklines. The different designs suit different business preferences.

Size and fit for every child

Our green kids short sleeve t-shirts come in all shapes and sizes from infants to teens. Our accurate size chart aligns the sizes from XS to XL, with different variations for kids age groups.

Kids have options that include standard cut, trim fashion cut, cropped t-shirts, athletic fits, modern classic fits, and retail fits.

Purchase with a purpose at Wordans

All businesses that invest in Wordans enjoy green kids short sleeve t-shirts that parents and children prefer. The protection, durability, and other features of our garments make them the right option. Explore the readily available options from reputable brands at our shop and boost your company's sales.