Pink Men Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Pink Men Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Do you want to have new clothes for a uniform, or give your team a gift for working so hard? A simple jacket or hoodie can work perfectly. Wordans offers up plenty of options for outfits you can get for your team that fit your business color, or just a color that everyone agrees on.

Wordans has everything you need, including sweats & fleece in pink for men. If you’ve decided that is the color and product you want to work with, Wordans has you covered, with a variety of different shades, sizes, styles, and more.

What Sizes Are Available?

Each product has different sizes based on the brand’s size range. Additionally, certain sizes may be in stock more than others on the website. When you go to purchase a product from Wordans, you can see the price per size, the discounts based on how many you order, and how many are in stock. That way, you can make sure that the product you decide to go with has the amount you need. While every product can be a little different, Wordans in general offers clothes in sizes anywhere between XS and 5XL, so they really do fit every size.

What Brands Does Wordans Have in Pink for Men?

Wordans works with a variety of different brands for all of their products. Specifically for their sweats and fleece in pink, you can find bulk options for brands like Gildan, Jerzees, Radsow, and more.

What Styles Are Available for Cheap?

No matter what style you pick, all are reasonable in price, and often heavily discounted from their retail price, making them cheap and affordable. You can find styles like crewneck, zip-up jackets, and hoodies that fit your team. Stock can rotate, so some products may be available at different times.

Are There Different Fabric Types?

You can find a variety of different fabric types. Depending on what is available at the moment, you can often choose between organic materials, cotton, polyester, or a mix. You can even choose your fabric type based on the ratio of cotton to polyester, going with more polyester, more cotton, or a nice and even blend of both. If you are looking and can’t find a hoodie that fits your style, you can also check out the t-shirts that are available for men in pink, or any other color.

Can They be Customized?

Not all of the products by Wordans can be customized, but a large amount of them can. You can even filter by those that can be customized if you are looking for something you can put a logo or a saying onto it. You have the option to upload an image and fit it to the size you want, or you can add text directly to the customization. Their built-in options allow for words with different colors and outlines, plenty of fonts to choose from, and even the way the words fit on the product, so you don’t have to deal with plain block text shapes.

Is Wordans Really Offering Wholesale Products?

Yes, it’s true! Wordans is a wholesale company, so you can find plenty of different clothes and clothing styles on their website in bulk and for heavily discounted prices. Wordans is focused on big discounts for their user, trying to aim for about 70% per product category, so you can have products anywhere from 10% to 80% off of retail prices. Many of these designs can be customized so they work perfectly for your business and as motivation or as uniforms for your team. You can even sell the products to customers to spread your brand name!